Away from the Office…

Quilting Stash fans,

Best laid plans sometimes don’t get hatched when you plan. Such is the case this week, as I raced to get the interviews from Asilomar up for your listening pleasure, without success. On the heels of my Uncle Joe’s funeral, my sister Susan had an emergency Angiogram today, which turned into an Angioplasty. As you read this, I will be on my way to southern California to see her.

I’ll be back on the 15th, if all goes well, and will hop back in the saddle. Sorry for the delay — as with all good things, it’s worth the wait. And thanks for being wonderful patient friends!


4 thoughts on “Away from the Office…”

  1. Hi Annie,

    Sorry to read about your sister…hope she is well and her family that cares so much..

    Two years ago I bought a Betsy Ross was a Quilter journal from you in Sonora….would I be able to get my hands on another one? I will be going back to Colonial WIlliamsburg in Virginia this July and want to use it as part of the class journal project. I am a teacher by profession, and lucky to spend my summers back there working with teachers from all over the country…that journal or something similiar would be wonderful!

    Susan Jones

  2. Quilters are a patient bunch. We have to be. You take care and we will be glad to hear from you when you can get back.

  3. As much as we miss up, we understand that family MUST come first. Our prayers are with you and your family…hope all is well.

    Keep those podcasts coming…it is the only thing that keeps me sane while making my 1 hour plus ride to work and 1 hour plus ride home from work.

    My daughter and I like Baliwood too!

  4. I love your show and respect life, life and family comes first and then there is quilting. Look forward to hearing the next episode while I knit, sew, quilt and crochet.

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