Program 141 – Lots of Quilt-y Goodness


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“Tick Tock” is the first song by Robin’s band, Sleepwell

Dalton, Joe, Jonathon, Robin and Craig — aren’t they sweet boys?!

The Matelasse quilt… (pronounced matt- la- ZAY)


An overall view


A close-up so you can see the backing fabric, Mary Rose by Quilt Gate

Thank you, Mark, for emailing me and the comment today that reminded me that I wanted to share your story. It was perfect timing. Send me pictures so I can add them <<HERE>>

Onto Quilt-y goodness:

Kay MacKenzie – two Quilt Puppy books
Home – a Heartfelt nap quilt

Teapots 2 to Applique

Kay’s 2 blogs All About Applique and Quilt Puppy

Jillily Studio– Appliglue


See the demonstration video on Jill’s website and visit Jill’s blog

Hand and Machine Applique — the Karen Kay Buckley way

Visit Karen Kay’s website for a short demo and more info

Julie Popa ‘s  books

Cindy Lammon’s website and blog and book:


Sheri White of White Robin Designs and Nautilus tool:


Marcus Brothers fabrics

Faye Burgos’s Elements — nifty neutrals


Ellen Highsmith Silver


Aneda Phillips and YoYo Stitches

Have you caught on yet? Every product that I’ve reviewed for this podcast is a part of a drawing for these fabulous prizes.

To Enter, and you have your name entered three times by:

Email – send me an email
Name and address
Tell me how you are going to bust your stash for the new year


Tell me your idea how you are going to bust your stash for the new year for the podcast on my Skype phone at 408-849-4882, or quiltingstash (my skype address). Don’t forget to say where you’re from!

Send a picture of your stash

In addition, if you send me a picture of your stash along with your email, I will enter your name again.

Deadline for entries is January 15th. Don’t forget to come up with a really creative idea for busting your stash. Winners will be chosen at random for prizes and announced on Jan 19th.

We’re extending the one time offer of a free DVD of shows 1-141 with a donation of $30 or more for an unlimited time due to the overwhelming response.

Sleepwell again… “New song in E” , and is an instrumental version of “Streetlights and Long Nights” – my favorite song of theirs. I love this one because it showcases the talent of the band without vocals. Available on iTunes.

Until 2009, Happy Quilting!!

©2008 Annie Smith  All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “Program 141 – Lots of Quilt-y Goodness”

  1. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for another great pod-cast! Love the Sleepwell songs!! They certainly are a very talented young men! The last song reminded me a little of The Outfield. They have a really good sound :0)
    You certainly did find ALOT of quilty goodness and, as always, thanks for sharing. Awesome stuff! I love to have it all! Your pod-cast is great to help me make my wish list 🙂
    Stash busting, I think is something we all deal with due to compulsive fabric buying :0) Here are a few of the ways I stash bust. I use whatever looks cute to make baby quilts for our group that donated them to our health department. We also do a birthday fat quarter exchange for whom ever wants to participate in the group. Due to my stash, I rarely have to buy any fabrics for this. Our group will bust our pink and white stash by making 12 1/2″ blocks for a lady in our group who makes them into quilts to donate to our local breast cancer clinic. I am also a big participant in out ACS Relay for Life and will make something to donate to that. I also have plans to whip up a bunch of pink pot-holders to sell in my salon, with all the proceeds going to the Relay for Life. Just need more time for that to happen 🙂
    Cindy Larson

  2. Annie – I’m not through the whole Podcast yet but had to comment, WOW – the song is fantastic (the first one, haven’t gotten to the second yet)! That has Hit written all over it! You must be VERY proud. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Annie! I am a little behind on listening to all the podcasts on my iPod, but I am listening to all your programs first :-). Like Denise before me, I haven’t heard the whole program yet (listened to it in the car on my way to work this morning) but I just had to comment on the first Sleepwell song! I LOVE it! Definitely wouldn’t mind hearing more from them through your programs.

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