Program 140 – It’s been a quiet week…


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Here is Piper the wonder dog to say “Merry Christmas to you” in all of her finery, with that look of “Ok, Kirsten, when are you going to get this silly thing off me?”


The family Smith made our annual holiday-time trek to Oakland to see the lights at Temple Hill and Fenton’s – the treat we all look forward to…


Alisha (Robin’s girlfriend), Robin, Kirsten, Karen, Ryan, Annie & WebGuy

And now, on to Fenton’s:


Does this tempt you?

Fenton’s was hopping, as usual, so it took FOREVER for our orders to be done. In the meantime, this is what our creative family did to pass the time:


Alisha’s plate


Guy’s plate


Ryan’s Robot Headphones plate, the name of his blog


Karen’s plate


Kirsten’s plate – she chose the Fenton’s logo


Robin’s plate, complete with lettuce mustache

As you can see, we have fun when we’re together!

One last Fenton’s pic that I couldn’t resist:


Hmmm, what a coincidence — all of my gifts for my family were made by hand, too!

Although the kids didn’t want to model their PJ pants for you, I did get a couple of pictures of the flannel quilts that broke my walking foot:


Karen’s quilt woodland quilt and Ryan’s Pirate quilt

Ry’s quilt was made with Michael Miller, Goth Baby, flannel. I originally got the fabric for a future grandchild, but when I needed to make a quilt for Ry, I just knew that I couldn’t wait to use this fabric — so Pirate-y!



and here is the broken washing machine at the laundromat…

In honor of handmade gifts  and the quilts we made or received, let’s have a contest!!

EMAIL me a picture of the quilt or quilts that you either made or received by  Jan. 3rd, and I will create a gallery of your quilts. Then, we’ll vote for our favorite, and the winner will receive a lovely prize from me!

  • Email your quilt pictures by Jan. 3rd.
  • Pictures will be posted January 4th
  • Vote on them until January 10th
  • The winner will be announced on the January 11th podcast.

Winners for the book giveaway from podcast #139:

  • Barb Pindel and Colleen1990 each won a Beth Ferrier book
  • Ellyn from Allen, Texas won Karen’s book
  • Paulathequilter won Pat Sloan’s book
  • Cathy Fay won Philippa’s book

Here’s a little sneak peek of the Quilting Stash block of the month for 2009:


Cool internet finds, blogs mostly:

Do you know who this man, uh, vampire is?


Robert Pattinson, who play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, or most recently the heart-stopping heartthrob vampire of Twilight fame. And, author Stephenie Meyer to keep my finger on the pulse of all things Twilight.

Kansas City Star – prints by Julia Icenogle.

Julia’s website and Julia’s blog

The French General blog and store

the small object stenopad
Angela Cartwright of “Make Room for Daddy” and “Lost in Space” has her own blogs!!

Said and Done

Sketching the itch

Turkey Feathers

Mint Basil

and podcasts:

Jennifer Ruvalcaba’s Patchwork and Pacifiers podcast
Alison Rosen’s Within a Quarter Inch podcast
And hey – when are YOU going to do a podcast?!!


So I’m off to play Guitar Hero World Tour with my family!! I’ll be right back!

©2008  Annie Smith  All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Program 140 – It’s been a quiet week…”

  1. Sounds like you need to come EAST – there are some great quilters here on the East Coast. HEY – you should do a retreat over here. There just aren’t any good ones. Just putting a bug in your ear!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and may your New Year be full of great things. I love the BOM it looks great. Toddy in St.Pete, FL where the sun continues to shin.

  3. Happy New Year Annie!~ Your plates are very funny and creative. Maybe use the pix to make a photo quilt!

  4. I thought I was the only hormonal woman wearing headphones to bed so I can listen to podcasts between hot flashes! I clip my iPod Shuffle to my pajama top and have special short (2′ long) headphones. It has saved my family’s lives! ;o)

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