Sewing for the Girlies

I’ve been  teaching and traveling away from home for so long — that between the middle of May and the end of October, I spent exactly 37 days at home. Ouch. There are comforts of home that I really miss while I travel: like my own bed and shower, doing the dishes and laundry (for real — when I do it, I truly know that I’m home, and it is comforting), and being able to sew on various and sundry projects.

So… this time, as I soon as I arrived home, I worked on a special project for my sweet granddaughters. Their birthdays are in November so I had little time to waste when I got home.

When I travel, I do find some very cool fabrics and potential projects that I don’t necessarily find at home. I like finding fun things to make for my little girlies, as we call them. Miss Cambria has gotten into baking — big time. In fact, she calls herself “Baker Cambria” and her favorite tv show is Pioneer Woman on the Food Network. That little girl takes herself seriously ; )

Not long ago, their doorbell rang and a friend dropped off the most beautiful play kitchen I have ever seen — complete will all of the dishes, utensils, and play food that two little girls could want. The family no longer needed it, so it was gifted to the Girlies.

Trying to figure out what to get them, or to create for them, for their birthdays and Christmas is always a challenge. Their other Grandmother makes them Disney Princess dresses (beautiful!) for their birthdays, so I knew I couldn’t do that.

When I went to Quilt Market in Houston, Simplicity Creative Group send me home with an armload of trim. It looks like this:

Yummy, isn’t it?


when I put all of these things together:

I made this one for Cambria, who is a Big Pink Bow kind-of girl:

and this one for Lucy, who like to play Baker too:

and don’t you know, they look so cute when they play!

Those puffy little Baker hats are so cute!

I think the aprons and hats were a hit ; )

I simply love the Gingham Ball fringe!

Doesn’t it put a cute little edge on things?

I can’t wait to find more uses for more trim — which is really the “icing on the cake” for just about any project. The SKU’s for the trim are at the bottom of this post, if you need to find it.

The fabrics are ones that I found in my travels while roaming the globe. I’ve already cut them all so I have printed selvedges left — sorry, I’ll think about that the next time.

I was so glad to get home to my bed and shower and my trusty BERNINA, which never fails me, nor travels with me. Luckily, when I travel and teach, the shops where I teach are BERNINA dealers, so I’ve never very far away from my favorite sewing machines.

I am a BERNINA girl, through and through.

In fact, I’m going to teach at the BERNINA Creative Center in April 2014. The post and registration for classes isn’t quite up yet, but I’ll let you know when it is. I’m going to teach my very favorite creative piece… can you guess what it might be? If you want a hint, all you have to do is look up.

I’ll post more information and a link to the registration when it’s available. I’m also in the process of firming up my teaching schedule for 2014, and will have an update soon on my SCHEDULE link. Here’s a Preview: Southern California, Flagstaff AZ, Centennial CO, Aurora IL, Chapel Hill – Greensboro – Cary NC, Lexington SC, Redding and Winters CA, MEXICO!, and Layton UT — just to name a few. I’m booking for 2015 too, so it’s going to be another couple of busy years — and that’s a good thing ; )

Simplicity trims: Purple #1594910300613  Pink #1592380400413 (Each spool has 8 yards of trim on it)

©2013  Annie Smith   All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Sewing for the Girlies”

  1. Hi Annie, I just love the aprons and hats! I sure hope you are teaching in SoCal when I’m in town. I’d love to get together again.

    I keep meaning to get back to French General, but it hasn’t happened yet.


  2. You’ve really been busy. Hopefully when you are in Redding I’ll have the chance to attend. It’s not that far from our little town. I miss your podcast. Hope you have a very blessed Christmas

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