How Not to Paper Piece a block

I’m working on a small sampler quilt for the Retreat at Family Threads in August. It’s a sampler of my favorite quilting techniques — the ones that I use every day, the ones I love the most.

I’m doing it in three different colorways, so retreaters can have a choice for their kits. Did I mention that there’s going to be a kit? There is! Each of the kits will have essential notions packaged in with it — as the notions are as important as the technique, as you can’t have one without the other.

Here’s peek at the first three blocks:


L-R and vertical: Bright palette, Batik palette and Romantic Palette.

The blocks are (top to bottom): Nine Patch, Swirling Geese, T-block.

And a little peek at some more:

Blocks are square-on-square Dresden Plate, hexies for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Posey, Heart.

And– here’s a picture of what not to do:

I hate it when I do this!

I was trying to conserve on fabric — the fatal mistake that we make when cutting strips for paper-piecing…

Now, I have wasted fabric, and will need to cut more. I actually added the last three strips so I can use this mistake as a sample of what not to do. It will be a perfect example for my classes in the future.

You’d think I know better… And of course, I do. I just need to be reminded now and then.

As if the above wasn’t enough, here’s what happens

When I finished, I thought, “Great — all done!” Then I measured the block… Houston, we have a problem…  the above block was made on the wrong pattern. It came out as 8 1/4″ instead of 6 1/2″, which is the scale I’m working in.

You’ve got to make sure when you print, that you are printing to the right scale, or have Scaling turned OFF. The pattern at the right was printed at 128% — too large, while I went back and printed the pattern at 100%, it was the perfect 6 1/2″.

Here’s the difference!

So, now, all quilts are finished so retreaters can chose which kits they will use for the retreat.

Did I mention that there are a few precious spaces left for the retreat? There are! If you’re interested, go here.

This the Bright.

 This is the Batik.



This is the Romantic.

What do you think?

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