Busy, busy…

There’s a new podcast just around the corner — actually there are several. I hoped to release them before Christmas but the rush got to me.

Here are a few things to make you smile til podcast 219 gets posted:

Here is Elder Smith, eating something he said he would never touch — fish. Namely, lobster. You can’t live/work in Acapulco for 6 months without eating fish. His tastes are changing!

Me, with my buddy, Mark! When I was teaching in NJ, we got to have dinner — not once but twice– while I was there. Doesn’t he look great? He’s still waiting for his transplant surgery, but we’re cooking up plans for something wonderful that will happen after his recovery period is over!

Piper, the Wonder dog, with a new toy — thanks to Miss Cambria. See the discarded shell of her previous toy next to her? She disembowels every squeaker and every vestige of stuffing from every toy and then just carries the carcass around. Ginger bread girl, this is your fate too…

Inspiration found on Pinterest —  gifts for these darling girls:

Aren’t they the sweetest things in the world?! No, I did not make their dresses ; ) (because I’m making them dresses for the wedding!)

“Hippo or piano? Piano or hippo? Hurry and pick!” -or- what caption do YOU think should be under this picture?

The joy of children!

Hurry and get all of those quilts finished that you wanted to make this year — you have just 5 days left! ; )

And I have T minus 14 until I get to see this beautiful face for the first time in 2 years:

Now, I better get busy — making that quilt that I promised him when he gets home!

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8 thoughts on “Busy, busy…”

  1. I was so glad to hear you are back pod casting. You are a pleasure to listen too and really good with the interviews. Always look forward to a new one.happy dance ……

  2. Thank you Carolyn! I’ll have a new podcast once the wedding is over. I thought I’d be able to get a new one up this week — but NO chance. I’m not forgetting — just have to divert all of my energy towards keeping all the wedding plans together ; ) you’ll be hearing from me real soon.

  3. Would love to hear you interview your son when he arrives home from his mission! I know it’s not quilting related, but it sure would make for an interesting podcast!

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