Program #216: The Crafty SuperStar, Grace Dobush

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Program 216- An interview with the Crafty Superstar, Grace Dobush.

Grace’s websites are:


To win a copy of the book, leave a comment here after listening to the podcast and comment about how you think the Crafty Superstar Ultimate Craft Business Guide would help you start your own business — whether you’ve already begun or your own business is a pie-in-the-sky dream at this point.
I’ll draw the lucky winner on Sunday night, Dec. 2nd and notify you on Monday.

The winner of Grace’s book, The Craft SuperStar Ultimate Craft Business Guide is : MARGARETK!



14 thoughts on “Program #216: The Crafty SuperStar, Grace Dobush”

  1. I would love to win this book for my daughter, who has been running her own etsy/craft fair business for three years (since she was 13). She makes sock monkeys and other creatures out of colorful socks and gloves. She has done quite well, for her age, but we feel like we are reinventing the wheel trying to help her do something we know nothing about, especially pricing and marketing. Thanks for a great podcast!

  2. I loved the interview. I have never tried a business of my own but would sure love to see what needs to be considered before I venture out.

    (I’m so glad you are back podcasting. I missed you.)

  3. So excited for the new book! I have checked the “old”one out of the library so many times! I am not ready to start my business yet, but with Grace’s help…2013 will be my year!

  4. Hi, Annie. So glad you are back podcasting. You were in my NC town a few weeks ago as I found out when the local shop owner sat by me at guild and commented that you stopped by – and showed me a picture of the skirt pattern. He was surprised when he found out that I “knew” you. I dream sometimes of making some money off my crafting and would love to have the book to help me think through some of the important considerations.

  5. Annie’s back! Yay! Loved all the most recent podcasts as you’re really helping me consider my new longarming business. Maybe not what you all are talking about exactly, but a lot of the same things apply. Thanks Annie for such timely information!

  6. OMG! This interview with Grace was just for me!
    I’m a stay-at-home mom and in the beginning stages of starting an Etsy business. I believe that Grace’s book would be very beneficial in learning the “business” aspects of selling online, but also in balancing my “business life” while running errands, being a chef, a taxi driver, washing machine operator…
    I’ve been reading “Starting a Etsy Business for Dummies” but I believe Grace’s book may be more helpful since she, herself, is a crafter.

  7. I have a rather stressful job as a pediatric psychotherapist. On the really hard days, I dream of supporting myself with a crafty job instead. This book would help keep my dream alive…and maybe even start to pursue it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hey Annie, remember that Thai fabric, just sorted the inventory that never made it to sale as I plan my relocation back to the US. And the scarves, still sitting on a pile of those. Having been out of the US for 18 years, the book is probably just what I need as I transition into the next phase of life. Interesting connections as Grace is based in Cincy where my boyfriend grew up. And your last podcast with Rob, I am seriously thinking about learning how to repair sewing machines once I relocate.

  9. As I move toward a new phase of my life, I thought your interview with Grace was sooo timely! I am just starting my craft business. I know how to do the crafty stuff but when it comes to the business end of a craft business I am at a complete loss.. This book is exactly what I need! Good interview.

  10. Annie, I am so happy you are podcasting again! One from you and Mark in one week! Wow!

    I have Grace’s first book and I really enjoyed the interview. My craft business is slow to catch on and I would love to have her most recent book as a refresher.

    You are the best! I have really missed you. Keep up the good work. I hope your skirt pattern does well. I am going to order one as a birthday present to myself. Thanks, Lora

  11. Thank you so much for this podcast! Since I have been laid off, people have told me that I should be selling my creations but I only give them away to friends. I have been on the fence and researching but never quite made it to selling things. This was helpful and would love to be able to go through the process with the advice of someone who has done this. Will save this to listen again! Thank you again for this help.

  12. Ok- so I just checked my business name for domain availability- yes I can get it. But Ive had cards for a couple of years… and a website is on my Xmas wish list. With a budding in house programer – I gotta hope!

  13. Hi Annie,

    I received the book today – it looks great, and I know my daughter is very excited about using it in her business! Thanks again for the giveaway.


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