Drum roll, please…

I promised to share what  I’ve been working on for Quilt Market…

How about something totally different from what you’re used to see me do?

How about a totally darling modern vintage Patchwork skirt using Moda Charm Packs

or Layer Cakes to create the skirt?


Here’s a shot of the pattern:

How about not only a pattern with great diagrams, but with an Instructional DVD, so you

can SEE how to create the skirts and get additional tips and techniques in the package?

Here are a few samples of the skirts I’ve made:

Click here for complete information and to order your skirt pattern.

I’ll share more information about the skirt tomorrow, along with how it was received

at Market.

I hope you like it!

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5 thoughts on “Drum roll, please…”

  1. I didn’t design the fabric. It’s all Moda Charm packs. I’ll put a list of the fabrics that I used underneath the different skirts so you know. Thank you Claire — i wish I could see you all while I’m here!

  2. Hi Annie! Hope your travels were fun and satisfying! You have been busy and have some busy,crazy good months ahead?.. But I for one am happy to see that you are back to posting cuz I love to see what you have been doing.I have missed it! Can’t wait to make my skirt!

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