365 Photos – Day 7: Family

Day 7’s topic is Family

Here is my photo:

I thought all day about what I was going to for a “family” picture. Then, when I was thinking about starting dinner, this idea came into my mind. We have “Dave” who grows “Old Fashioned Tomatoes”. At least that’s what his sign says. We live for Dave’s sign at the end of each summer, when we can drive 5 minutes from home and get today’s pick of the vine. These are all from Dave’s.

The varieties are: Yellow Heirloom, the striped ones are also Heirloom (my favorite), an orange tomato, a beefsteak, yellow grape tomatoes and the small red ones are called Juliettes — sweet and delicious, all!

A note from Annie: ok, so what do all of these random 365 tomatoes have to do with quilting? Not much, so far — except that  it is making me look at fabric differently, I find that I’m being more thoughtful about new quilt designs, and I’m more aware of how I look at things. I just read a fantastic book by Michelle Richmond, “The Year of Fog” where the main character is a photographer and she talks about how she looks at things through her lens and how our memories sometimes plays tricks on us. (If the theme of kidnapping bothers you, don’t read the book)

taken with Olympus sp-500uz, f 3.2, 2 second exposure, natural light

Here is Guy’s photo:

It was a busy day. I came home from work and couldn’t find anything more creative than to pull this picture off the wall and shoot us behind it. Taken with Olympus E-500 50mm f4 1.8 seconds – no flash.

© 2011  Annie and Guy Smith    All Rights Reserved

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