Podcast 211 – Finishing up and moving on…line

Podcast 211 – Finishing up and moving on…line
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Here’s the rest of the Quilt Competition and Judging conversation. This one covers:

• Credit and copyright of designs when inspired by someone else vs. outright plagorism

• Handquilting vs. machine quilting

• Designing using a royalty-free block and calling it “unique”

• Two examples of designs that were plagorized and the original desired were told not to claim their creations as their own

• Using antique designs in designing a quilt – isn’t that considered plagorism?

Let’s start a new topic. Email me your ideas and I’ll present them in a podcast!

My online classes have become Open Term, which means that they start for each registrant on the day that they receive their login and password, rather than being at a schedule time as they were before. What does that mean for you? That you can sign up whenever you’re free and the class will run for YOU either for 12 weeks or 30 days, depending on which class you sign up for! Hooray!

So, if you go on vacation for two weeks, you won’t miss anything – but will be able to view each lesson at your convenience. Any time, any day it’s convenient.

Here’s the scoop:

The Quilter’s Palette – a sampler of techniques (12 weeks)

So unique, a true learning sampler.

Quiltmaking 101 – a sampler of fine quilt making (12 weeks)

Learn everything there is to making a quilt from A-Z. Great for beginning quilters or those who have been quilting for years. You will learn everything I know about quiltmaking in this workshop.

 My most popular workshop: Exploring Fabric Choices, a very special workshop

When have you ever taken a class in how to choose your fabrics? Never? Oh, I’m not surprised. But this is the most important workshop you will ever take. (The quilt above are the blocks that used in my demo on The Quilt Show, episode 209)

It’s available to sign up for until September 30th, for 30 day access to the class, then, like all good things in the Disney Vault, it’s going away for an undetermined time.

You can click on the links above for each class. Exploring Fabric Choices doesn’t have an introductory video, but you can see a sample on The Quilt Show.

In other news, guess what’s coming?…

International Quilt Festival of Ireland

Wanna go with me? You can! Here’s the link to my tour itinerary.

Can I go with you if I don’t live in San Jose? YES! You can join us from where you live, anywhere in the world, but you need to register under my tour link.

How many people can go with you? I am limited to 40 participants, so don’t delay if you’re interested in attending.

Is it going to be like all of the other big quilt shows I go to? What’s different about this one that would make me interested in going?  The festival will be held in the quaint village of Galway on the NUI campus, not in a convention center. Please visit the website (link above) to see all of the events and activities planned by the show organizers. My itinerary is unique to other tour guides itineraries. And there is a special non-quilters program for those who don’t quilt to come along with you!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Now for the GIVEAWAY! With great thanks to Easy Canvas Prints!

(Here’s the one that I want to have a 16 x 24 canvas print made. Fun family! ; ) This was taken last year and we have all changed so much since then. Cambria, of course is bigger, Karen is expecting baby girl #2, Robin is in Mexico on his mission and Kirsten, Guy, Ryan and I have all lost weight! Pictures will make you do that…)

Here’s the precious one of our kids that captured their personalities perfectly:

My kids…

So, I know you want a canvas print of your own, right?

Follow these instructions:

Leave a comment for me, here, and let me know why you like canvas prints,


go to Facebook and LIKE Easy Canvas Prints, to be a valid winner. You can click on this link to go directly there.

You also need to live in the contiguous United States to win. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii : (

If you aren’t the winner, you can still win! Just by LIKEing Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook, you automatically receive 50% off on your next order and FREE shipping.

The winner will be chosen on Friday night, September 16th — good luck!!

Now, I’m doing another GIVEAWAY, but you have to go to the Classroom site to see it.

Don’t forget the CHAT, tomorrow night, September 14th at 6:00 p.m. pacific — especially if you have any questions about the online classes. If you click on the word CHAT above, it will take you to the directions to the Chat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this podcast!!

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9 thoughts on “Podcast 211 – Finishing up and moving on…line”

  1. I just can’t get enough of your judging and competition hints. They are so helpful. I was also very encouraged when you mentioned (awhile ago) how long it takes you to make a quilt. I WILL be sending you a picture of a quilt to evaluate someday. I have begun to design it. Thanks for all your super hints and encouragement. I am taking my time and doing it right (even though I am so anxious and impatient to see how it will look). My next decision is whether to hand quilt, do my own machine quilting (yikes) or let my professional sister use her longarm.The more I practice the better I will get. Enjoyed your opinions on all.

    About the fantastic canvas prints… What a great family pic! Having an large artful canvas print up on the wall lets the world know that your family takes center stage in your life. They are beautifully done. love ya, Anne (from Kitty Hawk)

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your cross hatching machine quilt adventure. I had great success once using low tack masking tape to mark the lines. I used a tape the width of my cross hatch row. It gave me a pretty straight line with minimum hair- tearing -out. You probably already knew that! Anne

  3. Sorry to keep “replying” but you keep triggering new thoughts as I listen.
    One area I find very confusing is thread choices and needle choices.I have seen info in your applique book that was helpful,but I also want to know about machine needles and quilting threads. Many times quilters find their own favorite rules that are not standard. Do you have time for a brief review of this? There are so many types and sheens of thread in the store…so beautiful…and i want to try them all!

  4. What a wonderful gift! I really like the image that you selected. Family is so precious!

    Thank you so much for taking time to answer our comments. It really helped to clarify things for me about copyrighting.

  5. Hi Annie
    How cool about going to Ireland!! Wish I could go too. You will have a tremendous time. Jim West is a cleaver guy for putting this together.
    I have a topic suggestion. I’m interested in the production of fabric. I sometimes wonder who is involved in countries overseas and working condition. These days with cotton prices going up- whats is the back story on all that? I feel very disconnected with the source of my fabric and would love to learn more. Just an idea…
    BTW just found out my son Noah ( a quilter) and Joe The Quilter share the same birthday. It was yesterday, Sept 14! Isn’t that cool?

  6. Just listened to your podcast 211 and was so excited to check out all you talked about on your webpage. I love your Photo a Day challenge… you both have such creativity! (which I’m sure we knew all along!) I’d love a canvas print to capture an updated family portrait for my family!

  7. Annie, I listened to this post and the previous posts on judging a few days ago and loved all the information you provided. I particularly liked the perspective you put competition quilts in — that they are as much judged against the other quilts entered as they are by the judging standards.

    To that end, it was perfect timing today that I received an (email) invitation from C&T Publishing and the Quilt Show for a free preview of a new documentary called “Stitched” directed by Jenalia Moreno. It is the perfect complement to your posts as you get to see competition at the highest levels from the perspectives of the contestants, the judges, the attendees, the quilt industry and average quilters.

    Not to mention that I now really want to go to one of the national shows (can you say “bucket list”?)!


    What kind of quilt show judge are you? Did you go through a certification process with AQS or one of the other national judging certification process? I would be interested in learning how judges are picked…. One of my quilt guild members have been a judge in local shows because she was a local teacher to 1000s of quilters forever …. She made her first quilts back in the 60s and has been heavily involved in quilting across the state.

    Any information you share would be great to hear…


  9. Dear Annie,

    Thanks for your information! Your podcast is so stacked with information that I keep listening to your podcasts again and again.

    I hope you will enjoy Ireland, as a Dutch quilter I will enjoy Houston next year. Hope to meet you there!

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