Podcast 210 – Quilt Police, Part Two

Podcast 210 – Quilt Police, Part Two
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Wow!!   What feedback and more questions!!

I think I must have struck a chord or a nerve with y’all. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE IT!! I love your questions and your feedback and just hearing from you altogether. It’s lonely out here in cyberspace — and, if I don’t hear from you, I don’t know that you’re there.

So keep the coming!

Here’s the rundown of today’s podcast:

I’m answering all of your questions and sharing your feedback and comments, like:

• Entering a quilt that is a pattern designed by someone else

• Machine quilting from a longarm or a domestic machine

• To enter or not to enter… It’s a matter of self-confidence

• Giving credit where credit is due

• Other things that disqualify a quilt

• Criteria for special awards

Here are some pictures of the quilts that I recently judged and my comments on them:

The Best of Show quilt

This quilt is a familiar pattern and I saw a couple of them in competition – but I have no idea whose pattern it is. The color is amazing – no? What’s more amazing it that this quilt was the most perfectly made quilt in competition. Everything was straight, the quilting and binding were perfect and there was not a stray thread or hair anywhere.

Judge’s Choice

This is my pick. This quilt was also impeccably done – clean, precise and clever. I’m not an Art Quilter, but I really appreciate the creativity in pieces like this. I think the title is “The Holy Family Watches Over the Salinas Valley”. The Salinas Valley being “the salad bowl of America” and the area where I live is the produce capital. I thought the theme was clever and each of the motifs in the quilt represented that. The cauliflower was made with hundreds of tiny white beads clustered together.

Best of Show

This quilt was decided by four judges, who judged unanimously. When you have more than one judge, it must be unanimous – no matter what. Also a perfect quilt, every point was perfectly at the seam, the applique and quilting beautiful, colors, etc.

My Judge’s Choice

Of the four judges, this was mine. This quilt is mind-blowingly absolutely perfectly pieced. There are no repeats in the fabrics – each is unique. The quilting was perfect – it is perfect. I could not believe what I was seeing. (Sorry that the picture is not clearer — I had my camera on a slower setting than I realized and I didn’t see it til I got home and uploaded my pictures.)

ALSO — I do not take any pictures at the time I am judging. I want to be really clear on that. I go back to the quilt show to view all of the quilts and take pictures then.
(Especially to see those I haven’t judged if I’m with a group of judges.) In that case, I only see the first place quilts when we choose the special award quilts, like the Best of Show).

I am always inspired by quilts and what better place to find inspiring quilts and workmanship than a quilt show?

If you have more questions or issues that I didn’t cover, please email me! I’ll add it to a new podcast!

Here’s some more Eye Candy for you:

Cambria’s mommy just got a new camera and the pictures are so remarkable.

Yes, she IS a monkey!

Ok, so some how I realized that I have been posting my pictures to the blog way too small!

I am changing my ways, so you can actually SEE what I’m posting. Sorry — but everyone has a learning curve — (I bet you’re happy that I have one too ; )

So, in the future, the pictures that I post of quilts will be much better…

Ok — here’s the giveaway! Choose one of the following books that you would like to win, and then leave me a comment and let me know how the book you have chosen would inspire you and/or help you to create a quilt that you would consider entering into a show.

I’ll pick the winners on Friday night, Sept. 9th — good luck!!

Happy Quilting!

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31 thoughts on “Podcast 210 – Quilt Police, Part Two”

  1. Just Around The Corner.
    I am a new beginner to quilting, I believe the simple & easy projects in this book would be a perfect exercise for me 🙂

  2. I’d like to win Perfect- Fit Pieced Borders. I like pieced borders but definitely have problems making things fit! Loved the quilt show photos…and the Cambria photos! Thanks for podcasting. I’ll listen later today.

  3. Hi Annie
    Excellent topic- again!
    I love the ins and outs of how judges do their thing. I have now scribed for the best of them- Libby Lehman, and learned so much. I always attend the judges panels at big shows. Not just for contestants either. They sometimes do a presentation of what not to do as examples- with photo shopped images. I secretly would think I’d be a good judge. All that attention to detail should pay off somehow.
    The book I like best is Just Around the Corner. I thinks would be better with a simple but splashy edge treatment. Maybe others in my guild would think so too. I’d donate it to the library as guild librarian.

  4. Those Flirty ’30s would be my pick to win. Anything 30s (fabric-wise) is fascinating to me. Grandma made me dresses from feed sacks (without a pattern, no less)

  5. I’d love to have a look at the Flirty 30s book! I work with the quilting ministry at my church – we make baby quilts for baptized babies – and someone recently gave us a ton of 30s reproduction fabrics that would be so sweet for little girl quilts. I’d always been too distracted by batiks to notice just how fun the 30s fabrics are!

  6. Keep the information about judging coming. The more the better. I enter local shows, but have been initimitadatd by larger ones. My favorite book would be Just Around the Corner. I think Kari has some terrific ideas that will give quilts an exquisite as well as unique finish. I would love to add that book to my library!

  7. My choice wouldnbe Perfect-Fit Pieced Borders, because I have never tried pieced borders and I would really like to! This book is actually on my Amazon Wish List!

  8. Hi Annie – thanks for answering my question on domestic vs. computerized quilting! You’ve given me hope. I took a look at all the books, and while the Perfect-Fit Pieced borders would be helpful, I think Just Around the Corner would be by far the most useful book to me. I struggle with mitered corners no matter how much I watch videos on you tube, and look up ideas. I would love to learn how to get that perfect corner on my binding. I think if my bindings were better that would be probably the biggest hurdle to entering a quilt in a show.

    By the way, I thought the sound was just fine, and recorded on your ipad? Fantastic! My how far technology has come.


  9. Hi Annie – Quilting those Flirty 30’s would be my pick. I am ADDICTED to the 30’s fabrics right now. I just started a paper pieced grandmother’s flower garden, trying to remake one that belonged to my grandmother that is falling apart now from lots of love and wear. I may be in the old folks home before I get the GFG quilt finished so maybe this book will have a quilt using those 30’s prints that I love so much that won’t take me years and years to finish which could be entered in a quilt show.

    The audio sounded great to me. I hope you feel better soon.


  10. Just around the corner! I’ve read they have great directions on mitered corners…something I truly could use some help with. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I would choose farm girl quilts, the primitive is more my style and maybe I could follow the directions and make a perfect quilt, lol. My mind just doesn’t work that way, I am just happy creating quilts and making gifts for others, so it is ok if i never win a ribbon;) I think the quilts in this book would be great to enter into a local fair, they are not as picky about perfect.


  12. What beautiful pictures! Oh, and the quilts are nice too.

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I’m looking forward to it. This is a great topic!

  13. Hi Annie,
    Oh my, oh my, I can’t decide. I would love to win either the mitered borders book or the pieced borders book. I LOVE doing different things with borders & would like to do something in a border that I’ve never done before to enter in a show.
    Chester, NY

  14. Enjoyed the podcast… learned a lot

    My personal experience when I held quilts for a judge is a I noted a strong preference on the judges part…. if they came from a traditional background they graded the traditional quilts higher, if they had an art degree / background they tended to judge the art quilts higher…. if they were long armer they judged the long-arm quilt higher over the domestic quilted quilts.

    They say they are unbiased but I think their personal preferences show when they judge. I would like to think they are looking for the technical skill as much as the creativity but I think the overall look comes into the judgement strongly.

    PS Any book will do although I probably need the border book the most…. my borders need a lot of improvement.


  15. My first choice would be the Farm Girl Quilts book – definitely matches my style and I would love to make one of these to enter into my quilt guild show! My second choice would be Just Around the Corner. I love the look of mitered borders, but sometimes take the easy way out and just throw straight borders on!

  16. Hi Annie, I’d like to win the Farm Girl Quilts book since I am a farm girl at heart who is living in a big city. I try to fill our little city home with as much country as I can!
    Arlington, VA

  17. My choice would be “Quilting Those Flirty Thirties”. I have a big stash of 30’s fabric and am always on the lookout for patterns and projects that use them. Also I am relatively new to hand applique and my new passion is projects that combine piecing with applique and I really like that a lot of the designs in this book have that.

    Now that I know what judges look for I will make conscious efforts to construct my quilts in the hope that one day one might finish good enough to “make the grade” of a show.

  18. I would love “Quilting Those Flirty Thirties”, it looks like a beautiful book. Thank you for your wonderful podcast! The quilt judging topic was very interesting, I have never had a quilt suitable for a show. Someday I will.

  19. Annie,
    Farm Girl Quilts is my choice since we are in the process of building a saltbox style house! We just spent 15 ays laying a yellow pine floor and I hope I never have to work that hard again! Now we just have to put a finish on it, but that should be easy compared to heaving 10 feet long boards around and nailing them down!!
    Thank you so much for all the quilt show information, maybe I will enter a quilt into a non-juried show just to be safe! Until I get braver.

  20. I recently found your podcast and love it. I would choose the Flirty 30’s book because i really like those fabrics and would love to see some projects using them.

  21. THE reason I am so interested in giving credit / copy rights is I surf the blogs daily and extensively. I currently have an idea for a quilt that may or may not have been on the internet within the last year…. I honestly do not remember and have not idea if I saw it or dreamed it. I sure do not know the source of this idea /quilt project I have been thinking of… I have just been mulling it over and trying to figure out how to make it. I DO NOT HAVE A LINK or source for the idea, but I might have seen it on the internet or at least a picture of something… could have been a place-mat or mug rug or wall hanging for all I know…. I just keep thinking about this quilt design.

    So if I do not know the source then what do I do? I would give credit if I knew where the idea came from but I do not… I have often seen a picture or a piece of fabric that gave me ideas for a quilt that become a design after I mull it over for a while. Am I stealing an idea? or design if the original idea sparks the rest of the design?

    This is all confusing to me…


    ( pronounced NO (long o) Nee)


  22. You hit it a nerve with me when you discussed the topic of hand-quilting vs. machine-quilting. I enter my quilts into competitions quite often. The smaller venues (such as county fairs) are fairly simple. I have been entering some of the bigger competitions where the talent is a lot stiffer. I cannot see how my hand-quilting can compare to what I have seen in the machine-quilting category. The micro-quilting, of machine-quilting, can be so intricate and fancy that it would be impossible to replicate it with hand-quilting. I just don’t know how I could complete.

    If I was to choose a book, it would be “Perfect-Fit Pieced Borders.” My pile of quilt-tops are growing taller and taller and the tips from this book could give my quilts an extra edge they need when they are presented in front of a quilt judge.

  23. I listen to your podcasts at work, and more than once too! The last two were really interesting on the Quilt Police. Lots of food for thought. All the books sound interesting, any one would be wonderful to have. Sorry for posting twice, had trouble getting the Reply to work. Keep up the great work!

  24. I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I like that you are so upfront with us about the high expectations that judges have. Thank you so much for sharing that.

    The books look wonderful and challenging. As a new quilter, I am looking for things that I can tackle but that also challenge me. I have never worked with fabric until I started quilting, so every new idea that I learn is inspirational.

  25. Thank you for this podcast. I found it so interesting! I am particularly appreciative of your coverage on quilting done by domestic machine versus long arm machines and professionally done.

    This summer I went to the local quilter’s guild quilt show and noticed that the majority of the quilts entered were professionally quilted by long arm quilters. Only one row of quilts were pieced and quilted by the same person. The top ribbons were given to quilters who had their quilts professionally quilted. I left the show thinking that area quilters are being encouraged to have their quilts professionally quilted if they would like a chance of their quilts placing at the show.

    Since I like to do my quilts from start to finish myself I found courage from your podcast. I have never entered any of my items in quilt shows since items I make are usually given away as gifts. I do have some early items and a couple recent smaller items, though. I have ony taken one quilting class and the rest on quilting I have picked up through books, podcasts and reading blogs. I would like to take you up on your offer of having you look at a quilt project so I can one day feel confident about entering a quilt in a show.

  26. So, there I am on Saturday afternoon, making cookies for my campus ministry church’s “welcome weekend,” listening to podcasts, and you start talking about the e-mail I sent you. I started screaming! I hit pause, ran and told my husband, and then listened really hard to everything you had to say. Thank you for the encouragement, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for the solid advice. I really appreciated the thoughtful way in which you responded to my questions.

  27. Hi Annie. I am a little behind with the podcast but have just listened to this one – it is so packed with really interesting insight into the judging arena. Even though I am not sure I want any of my quilts to be judge – well not quite yet – I think I have gained information and questions to ask myself when producing a quilt, in order to improve on where I am at the moment. Thank you for the offer to appraise a quilt – again maybe in the future. Best wishes C

  28. Hi Annie! In the show you mentioned using pet shampoo to wash your quilts. Do you know if it works to use it in a high efficiency washing machine? I don’t want to end up with a giant bubbly mess if you (or someone else) happens to know. Thanks!!

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