… is Annie?

P.S. If you’ve left a comment for ANY of the giveaways, scroll down a little to see the list of winners that I have NO ADDRESSES for! If you have not sent me your address THIS WEEK, I don’t have it, and I can’t send you your prize!

Please email me with your address!

4 Responses to Whereabouts…

  1. I didn’t see my name on the list, so I assume you still have mine?


  2. gayle grier says:

    I can’t find the list, Annie. I was a winner on one of your recent posts and sent my address. Do you have it or need it again? Thanks.

    Gayle Grier

  3. I sent my address to you…did you get it?

  4. Sue Cubberley says:

    I also sent you my address for winning the Ellen Edith prize. Did you get it?

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