Program 199 — Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker!

Program #199 — Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker!

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I’m writing this blog post, handicapped, in a downtown SLC restaurant with WiFi and without my keyboard. So pay no attention to the post at the bottom : )

Please listen to this fantastic interview with my favorite author, Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker. Marie talks about her new book, Threading the Needle, which will be released on May 31st. Joining the show is Marie’s dear friend, Deb Tucker, who I met for the first time in Houston.


This is a great conversation with these two fabulous ladies — WE had a great time, and I think the podcast reflects this.

Marie’s website:
Deb’s website:

The giveaway is a copy of Marie’s book and Deb’s ruler to make the quilt that goes along with the book — an AMAZING quilt that captures the essence of the story and the women in the book. You’re hear my response in the podcast.


Visit Marie’s website AND Deb’s website, and then comment HERE for a chance to win. The winner will be drawn on May 31st, when the book is released to the public.

FYI: Threading the Needle is my favorite book of Marie’s thus far. I hope you’ll love it too!

Thanks for listening! #200 is right around the corner!

Show notes and fun stuff will be posted shortly. Until then, Enjoy the podcast!

37 thoughts on “Program 199 — Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker!”

  1. Great interview – loved hearing about their relationship and how they met. Deb’s tools are very interesting – also liked her teaching videos on Youtube – the techique with her tool is a fantastic way to do those daunting stars! Marie’s books (first I’ve heard of her) sound like something I could get my reading “chops” into – oh boy Annie – I think you are going to be making me spend more money in the near future! Can’t wait to see the quilt you mentioned also – did Deb say it was on her website as I couldn’t find it?

  2. Hi Pat! Deb is at market and I’m crashing a deadline for my next book so we haven’t had time to get the pictures of the quilt and the free project up on our respective sites yet, but they’ll be there by May 31st. Promise!

  3. Deb and Marie have great websites and I can’t wait to read Marie’s new book. You three had too much fun recording that podcast! That made it fun for me too. Tami in Denver

  4. Hi Annie
    Deb is a familiar face in Vermont quilting. I’ve known her for years. Noah and I have taken 2 classes at Vermont Quilt Festival with her and her rulers are great. I’m so glad the two of you met. Marie was at VQF 2 yrs ago and we finally brought her to our guild this spring. She was wonderful. I have a pre-order for her new book. Can’t wait. We even hung Deb’s quilt VQF last year that she designed for Marie’s book. Quilting make the world so much smaller, don’t you think?

  5. Yeah, Deb and Marie will both be at Hershey in July! Deb cornered me in Lancaster and asked what I thought about the Wing Clipper and I got so tongue tied I couldn’t think of anything spectacular to say, but listening to the podcast today, I came up with my endorsement. “I am still struggling to make a perfect 4-patch, but with the Wing Clipper, I can make PERFECT flying geese!” Can’t wait to get her newest tool. And Marie’s newest book will be on my birthday wish list.

  6. I am a big fan of Deb Hunter’s rulers, in particular the square within a square and V Block. I also have the Hot Flash pattern and plan to try the Hunter’s Square ruler soon. I’ve never read any of Marie’s books, but you’ve got me interested now. I really enjoyed this podcast and would love to win. If I don’t win, my son just gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card, and now I know what to spend it on.

  7. I really enjoyed the interview with Marie Bostwick and Deb Tucker. I’m looking forward to reading Marie’s books! I can’t wait to see the quilt they were talking about, too. Marie looks too young to have a grandson! The story about the Wonder Women book club was cute as well as the “fish tree.” I thought Deb’s background in architecture and teaching as well as pattern editor for Quilting Today and Traditional Quiltworks was very interesting–two of my favorite magazines from the past!!!

  8. What fun your interview sounded. I enjoyed the podcast and learning more about Marie and her books. I just read the excerpt for “Threading the Needle” and it looks like it would be a great book. I liked the idea that her books stand on their own, even when part of a series.
    I saw Deb’s rulers at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. I loved the easy of using them and the new ruler and the quilt for the new book look great.
    I hope you enjoy the quilt market and can get more awesome interviews for the podcast.

  9. This is one of my favorite interviews you’ve posted. Marie’s books I’d not heard of before, but I’ve seen her website now and I have put them on my reading list. I love how I don’t have to read them in order. Deb sounds fun, too, and I loved the story of how Marie and Deb met. Would love to try out the new tool once it’s revealed!

  10. I’ve heard both Marie and Deb before and always love hearing from them. Marie’s books are a joy to read and I Love, Love, Love Deb’s rulers (did I say how much I love them!). I don’t have them all, but I’m working on it – LOL!

  11. I can’t wait to see the tea cozy! I am really looking forward to seeing it. I am really interested in the Flying Geese ruler of Deb’s.I have never seen it demonstrated or at a quilt store. I may have to just take the plunge. I just bought the Quilt in a Day Flying Geese rulers and think I would rather have one ruler for many sizes than the different rulers for one size that I got. Oh well, one can never have too many rulers, right? I saw a number of Marie Bostwick’s WW2 OOP books on Abebooks. I order a copy of each of the two books mentioned. Annie, send me an email if you haven’t gotten them from anybody yet. I love that era and, especially, some of the books by Nevil Shute and Rosamunde Pilcher. Great interview.

  12. I just figured out why I couldn’t leave a comment last week – I was associating the heading with the item below it instead of above it. Anyway, I finished getting caught up with the marvelous rush of podcasts this weekend, and this interview was especially fun. I liked the New England garden on Marie’s website – she’s about two-to-three weeks behind us in southeastern Michigan (where we have lilacs in bloom right now!). Sorry, Deb, about the Hunter’s Star rulers; I’ll stay true to Jan Krentz’ ruler.

  13. Enjoyed the interview, which was truly like girlfriends chatting. Checked out Marie’s blog and enjoyed seeing pics of her landscaping. Deb’s rulers are intriguing. What an inventor! My mind could never wrap around such a process!

  14. Hi loved the interview. Such perfect timing too as i just started reading Marie’s 2nd Cobbled Court book the day before listening to the podcast. I just love the books and the stories really make me want to own my own quilt store and have friends like Evelyn’s. And what talent Deb has. Amazing quilts to see on her site. What eye candy they are. Two talented friends working together to share with us some amazing books and quilts and projects. Thanks Annie, I really enjoyed listening. Just wished the conversation went all day. Vanessa (Aust)

  15. I loved the podcast and checked out both websites. I even went to to purchase the A Single Thread so I can listen to it while I drive. I am also going to check out Deb’s Youtube video so I can justify purchasing her ruler. I would love to do a workshop with her sometime.

  16. Great interview. I have one of Deb’s Hunter’s Star rulers and love it, so now there is something new to look forward to. And I will definitely have to check the library for Marie’s books. Checked both their web sites and have added them to my list of favorites for easy access later.

  17. What an enjoyable podcast! I haven’t read Marie Bostwick yet, but now I’m going to search my library to see what they have of hers. I checked her schedule, and the only West Coast commitment she has right now is in Sisters, OR in July. Why nothing in CA? Doesn’t she have fans here too? By the way, go to to find her past books. It’s my favorite website for used books; they search for all the sellers that have the book you want and then let you compare prices.

    As for Deb, I love that a cat jumped on her table during the filming of her Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star; just like a cat to want to be in your project as well. I also like that she shows how to cut with her ruler both right- and left-handed.

  18. I just finished Marie’s second book. Loved it! Also signed up on her blog. I love her writing style and am eager to check out her third person in the next book 🙂 I can understand why deb made teacher of the year. She sounds so bubbly and fun! I have seen a DVD of the rapid fire Hunter’s Star and it’s on my list of things to get! I would love to win the lemoyne star ruler :0) Her ideas are amazing!

  19. hi annie, i loved listening to your interview with marie and deb. i have not only read marie’s books but have met her. she autographed her latest book for me and then gave me an autographed bookmark to put in the first book i had of hers. nice! deb’s ruler really seems cool. if i won that i would definitely make a quilt and show it on all of your websites. welcome back annie, i have missed you! hugs, nancy b

  20. I listened to this podcast at 1:30 am – couldn’t sleep (hot flashes). I have read ALL of Marie’s books and can’t wait to read this one. I had never heard of Deb but I just watched some of her utube demonstrations. I love gadgets that make cutting and piecing easier and these all look GREAT. I live about an hour or so away from Chantilly so I am definitely going to go to Quilters Unlimited and visit both of your booths. Looking forward to both Marie’s book and Deb’s rulers and patterns.

  21. Gma Terri – I do have readers in California and have been out there a couple of times – did the Long Beach Intl. Show in 2009 – but yes, I need to spend more time on the west coast. It’s just so hard to get to all the places I’d like to. However, we’re already discussing my schedule for 2012 and trips to California are definitely in the works. I’d love to go to the Pacific International. I hear it is fabulous.

  22. Hi Annie, I’m still trying to catch up on all podcasts that I have missed in the last month. It seems that by the time I listen to them your give aways have ended. I’ll try to do better in the future. I love your podcasts and I’m glad that you are back podcasting like crazy. I’m always looking for a good book to read and I’m thrilled to get your endorsement on Maria’s books. I haven’t read any yet, but I’m hoping to this summer. It was fun to look at Deb’s blog too. I haven’t tried her rulers yet. So little time, so much to learn.

  23. I just loved this podcast. I have been following Marie on Twitter for a while. Her newest book sounds fascinating. I love hearing how people met.

  24. Love the websites. The deadline is almost here!. I am very intrigued by the rulers. Can a ruler really make a difference? Am looking forward to seeing the book in print. Thanks as always Annie for exposing us to new information.

  25. This episode was totally wonderful. I loved, loved, loved that you had Marie and Deb in conversation for so long. Both of their websites are wonderful. I’ve been a Reading Friend on Marie’s site for some time, and am very intrigued with Deb’s patterns and tools. I’ve avoided the LeMoyne Star for years, but may try it with Deb’s tool.

  26. can’t wait for the book to come out-I’ve been waiting ever since I read the last one! I’m so excited that Marie will be within driving distance so I can get to a book signing

  27. I just recently discovered your podcast. My puppies are so happy, we walk and listen everyday. I’m a new quilter so its so much fun to discover something new. Deb’s rulers make quilting look so easy, I can’t wait to try one! And yes, I want to start at the beginning of Marie’s series so I just purchased A Single Thread – so happy to find it for my kindle!

  28. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast…this site is great and I shall return.
    Marie’s books are great, I have enjoyed reading the Cobbled Court books, so the newest book “threading the needle” is eagerly anticipated.
    Deb’s site is interesting, and I would like to try some of her rulers.
    These ladies are a great team…

  29. Wow! What a fun podcast 🙂 Loved hearing about their friendship! I’ve been a long time reader of Marie’s and adore the series but had never heard of Deb before. After checking out her site, there are some rulers I think I need to try! So glad you’re back Annie! Have a fantastic holiday weekend….can’t wait to get my hands on Marie’s new book on the 31st 🙂

  30. I really enjoyed the interview with Marie and Deb. They have a genuine friendship that comes through loud and clear. I liked Deb’s rulers and videos. Seem so simple when you see someone do it. Now I just need to check my “ruler stash” to make sure I don’t already have them. I was once an avid reader, but life sometimes gets in the way. I recently decided to pick this wonderful hobby up again, but the author have really changed. I think Marie’s books will be a good start

  31. Great 3-way interview. I was on the treadmill for a full hour and the time flew by. I was not familiar with Marie Bostwick’s work but need to get reading. And I am a fan of Pioneer Woman too, so chuckled at the reference on her website. And Deb Tucker – well, I have her ruler for flying geese and love it. Now I need the LeMoyne Star ruler. I’ve been afraid of those inset seams but I know Deb will make it easy.

  32. I enjoyed the interview with Marie and Deb very much. What a great collaboration between them, they seem to have GREAT chemistry together!! I am one of those readers who has read the prior three books already and I am excited to meet Marie’s new characters from her new book. I’m sure I’ll fallen in love with them just like I have with the others. And Deb has opened my eyes to the LeMoyne Star block. I’ll have to put her Hot Flashes pattern on my wish list as well as her Foliage series.

  33. I love Marie Bostitch. Just read my first book and hers and can’t wait to get the others. The interview was fantastic and I plan on listening again, I enjoyed it so much. What a pair of gals and their relationship is so neat. Thanks for doing the interview and the book giveaway!! Hi Marie, I am a new fan from Missouri!!! Waving like I’m at a parade!!

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