Program 198 — Chattin’ with Gina Halladay

Program #198 — Chattin’ with Gina Halladay

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I got a chance to catch Gina for a quick podcast interview while we were both between customers at the HMQS show.

She updates us on what’s been happening with her, what’s new on her horizon and what it takes to keep not one, but three businesses afloat while trying to raise a busy family. If anyone can do it, Gina can.

Here’s a fun bit of news:

Gina won the Best of Show booth!! A big blue ribbon — as seen below:

and a gift certificate for a steak dinner!
Congratulations, Gina!!

Here are some additional pictures of her award winning booth display, and pictures of her whole booth — it’s a triple-wide.

I just love talking to Gina — her enthusiasm just rubs off on you, and you can’t help but think that you can do it too.

And, in traditional Gina style — she has donated not one, but FIVE of her new Cabana Quilts patterns — sooooo, there will be FIVE LUCKY winners for this giveaway — not just one!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what inspired you most about Gina’s interview, and I’ll pick the winners on Saturday night, May 7th.

BTW, if you are going to the Long Beach International Quilt Show, Gina will have a booth there and you can meet her for real. If you’re that close to Yorba Linda, you’ll have to go by and see her faboo store, Fresh Picked Fabrics. I’m voting for that shop for the next Quilt Sampler magazine ; )

Lastly… here is a picture of me and my good friend and booth mate, Valerie Burton posing in our booth.

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12 thoughts on “Program 198 — Chattin’ with Gina Halladay”

  1. Hi Annie

    Itunes doesn’t have the podcast up yet, but I’m commenting anyway, as it’s Saturday night. I’m sure I will be inspired by Gina, when I do hear the podcast!

  2. I love the Cabana Quilt patterns she used. The bright colors she used are inspiring to me.

  3. Hi Annie,

    I think the thing that inspired me about Gina was that fact that she is fine with making quilts that are more on the simple side and not feeling like every quilt needs to be complicated in order to be loved. I have a very long list of quilts to make for family members but sometimes I feel like I’m never going to even make a dent in the list because the projects I pick are much too time consuming, and although I know they are appreciated sometimes I think they would be just as appreciated even if they didn’t take me quite so long to complete. So maybe I need to take Gina’s advice and work on some that will be a little quicker to make.

    Chester, NY

  4. My sewing bee just took on a HUGE CHARITY project. We are making 45 quilts to give the children at a local children center quilts for Christmas. ( See my web site) What I like about her patterns is that it takes disparaging fabrics in easy shapes and puts them together. I made one of her quilts from the first set of layer cakes I bought. We are using that pattern to make some of the charity quilts.

    I loved the shaped border.


  5. I had to get out of bed to find my pattern as I could not remember the name. It is 3:30 am here in MI….. INSOMNIA is a wonderful thing (NOT.)

    Anyways… I think the pattern was the one on THE QUILT SHOW… Buzz Cake… I still have to find that pattern but never fear I will find it in the morning…. It will be perfect for the charity fabrics.


  6. Happy Mother’s Day Annie.

    Gina made some great points and has me looking at my stash differently. I really want to see more of her patterns as I think they will be good for the charity quilts I can make from my stash.

    Thanks again Annie for telling me about another quilter who sells her designs.

  7. Wow what a booth as someone retired from Trade Show and Conf. management I know how much work went into planning and setting up that booth. Hats off lady.

  8. I’m too late to enter but I just wanted to comment on Gina’s booth. I wished I would have known about her Best of
    Show booth….I would have jumped in there and looked around..But…..Annie, we were having too much fun “catching up”! I’m enjoying your blog here!

  9. I loved her point that quilt shops have to expand to cater to the “Etsy girls”, and stock other fabrics and zippers , etc because the Jo-Ann’s are becoming craft stores, not fabric stores.

  10. Her booth is beautiful. I enjoyed listening to your podcast today. I liked hearing how she feels customer service is important. There are two shops an hour away from where I live. One I feel like I am important when I walk through the door and the the ladies are their to help not just sell. That is the one I am most likely to visit.

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