Program 120 – Interview with Storyteller Quilter, Mary Lou Weidman

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I hope that you will enjoy this interview with Mary Lou, the original Story Quilts quilter.

The pictures below are of the quilts that Mary Lou refers to, and you can visit her website at Mary Lou Quilt Designs to discover so much more about Mary Lou, and catch up with her via her blog Mary Lou and Cherries Too.

Mary Lou’s fully beaded Christmas Quilt, a portrait of her family. This is the one that is fully beaded — I wish you could see the detail. WOW!

“I feel like a Witch when I can’t find time to Stitch” — oh, how I can relate!

The House that Jack Built — for Mary Lou’s 6-year-old grandson. It has everyone in it, including babies that are their way, via the stork and balloon delivery. What a clever cookie!

Check out Mary Lou’s shoes at the top of the picture — her cherry Vans.

Close-up view of the window detail:

Mary Lou and me, in front her classroom at Asilomar. I love the rustic rooms and arts-and-crafts-revival architecture, right on the beach.

Don’t forget to leave a comment here if you would like to be in the drawing for a cool prize from Mary Lou. The drawing will be held on April 28th! Good luck!

And, as luck would have it, I got to spend some time with Quilting Stash listener, Diane Loomis and her sister Catherine. Diane is the one referred to in Diane Gaudynski’s interview, and here is a picture of Diane and her quilt:

Isn’t it gorgeous?! She used Kaufman “Radiance” fabric. I just love the colors that she chose and her machine quilting work is impeccable.
It was so much fun to meet Diane, and Catherine — I LOVE to meet listeners and get to know them, since you know so much more about me than I know about YOU! Whenever I meet a listener, I feel like I have a new friend.

I’m looking forward to meeting YOU, too!!

One last note: here are the pictures of the projects that I’m working on, like a house on fire.

Here is a picture of all 12 of my new EFC quilt blocks taken apart…

Yep, my family thinks that I am certifiable. I need to make two quilts, one twelve block and one nine block quilt. I bought the first twelve together but didn’t find everything I was looking for. Then, when I was visiting the Sacramento area, I found these fat quarters for the second quilt:

So now, I will cut these up and assimilate both stacks into two quilts- much more variety! Do we ever need an excuse?

Here is the new version of “Simple Hearts and Flowers”, which was one of the quilts offered in the “Granny Chic” pattern. I hope you like it!

It uses all of the Lakehouse Dry Goods Cherry Baby fabric – so sweet and pretty.

Happy Quilting!

32 thoughts on “Program 120 – Interview with Storyteller Quilter, Mary Lou Weidman”

  1. I’m so glad that your podcast came in time for me to download so I can listen to it on my trip to Paducah tomorrow. The very first time I attended my Guild, Mary Lou was the speaker and boy, did she imspire me. I got really excited about quilting, and to try my own story quilt. I can’t wait to get on that plane, so I can sit back and enjoy your interview. Jan

  2. I love the quilts of Mary Lou, they are full of color, those are my favorites, bright and brilliant, congratulations for her on her work and congratulations to you for the interview. It was a great show. No surprise!!!!!!! As always.

    Costa Rica

  3. I was hand quilting while listening to you and Mary Lou. I felt like I was with a group of friends, sewing talking and laughing together. Thank you for the podcasts! I love the chance to get to know these people!

  4. I bought two of Marylou’s books years ago, read and enjoyed them, but had never got around to using her techniques. Great podcast. I’m inspired to get them out again and try a story quilt. And I’ll be a regular visitor to her website now.

  5. Yep! Certifiable!!! :0) I’m on my fourth block out of the ten and to turn around and tear out these?!?!? NOT! I can see why though and those other fabrics will make a nice POP! Can’t wait to see them both done :0) Great pod-cast too. Just in the nick of time. five straight days of dog grooming and I can’t tell you how much that helped me get through my day! So many new cool ideas thanks to Mary Lou and you!

  6. I’ve had a couple of Mary Lou’s books forever and I love following her blog – her quilts are so cheering and celebratory!

  7. Your talk with Mary Lou has inspired me Annie! The next project that I start, which won’t be, as per a New Year’s resolution, until I have finished 3 UFO’s, will be totally creative and designed by me!

    ….and will probably involve The Beatles in some way…..~giggles~

    Alberta, Canada

  8. I love Mary Lou’s sense of color and design. My stash is full of bright fabrics, but I usually use them in a more traditional way. i see that I need to think outside the box! I love your blog too, Annie.

    Marcia in Corpus Christi, TX

  9. I loved your interview with Mary Lou. Her quilts are so cheerful and colorful. I have been searching for inspiration for my next quilt(thinking I’d try to do something “out of the box” and artsy). Before listening to the interview, I had thought about doing a quilt based on my turmoil in dealing with my son’s addiction to alcohol. Mary Lou said something about a student in one of her classes talking about doing a quilt based on all the things she didn’t like about her son and how it would be a shame for him to look back on that quilt. That conversation made me realize how much I have to be thankful for. My son is a wonderful person with a horrible problem. Instead of making a quilt about the despair of addiction, I’m thinking of making a quilt about hope, thankfulness, and my son’s wonderful qualities. Thanks to both of you. Beth

  10. This was a fantastic and uplifting podcast with MaryLou. Her happy attitude and ideas are inspiring. Now I’m getting my Hoochy Mama border out and finishing my story quilt!. I am really happy to find your website Annie.

  11. Love the quilts. I want to make one right now! I’ll be listening to the podcast when I walk today.

  12. Wow! Love those quilts. The podcast is loading to my itunes account even as I type! I can’t wait to listen….

  13. I always like your podcasts and have been listening to them for a long time now. This interview with Mary-Lou I found especially inspiring. Her ideas on creativity are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  14. Hi Annie–Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the interview with Mary Lou. My favorite part was her advice to count your blessings. I am inspired to make a story quilt about my mother and our journey together as quilters. My mother’s health has been failing over the last couple of months, and as I sat with her during her recent hospitalization I felt like quilting has actually been the blessing to our relationship. She started nagging me to go to this quilting group at her church four years ago and just wouldn’t let up. I finally agreed just to quiet her–one visit to the group and I was a new quilter! We have gone on trips to Paducah since then and many other quilting “events”. Quilting has been a nice way for us to spend time together. None of us knows how much time we have left with loved ones, and what a nice way for me and my mom to spend time–enjoying a common hobby. Lisa

  15. I loved the honesty and whimsy of this podcast! I guess I’d like to be more artsy, but I adore traditional with my own personal twist and shy away from art quilts. Maybe when my UFOs are all finished, I’ll try one.

  16. Wow what detailed and fun quilts. Annie, I listen to every podcast faithfully and so enjoy and am inspired by them. Would like to quit my job and just sew, sew, sew. Have a great week. Vicki

  17. Looking forward to enjoying the interview! Summertime coming, a great time for making a story quilt. Hope this year I actually get one started, but am enjoying ML’s in the meantime.

  18. I am the person Mary Lou described (very traditional, BOM, etc). I was not familiar with Mary Lou’s work and the reference to Hoochy Mama quilts was something I needed to investigate. I am trying to work up the courage to try a more artsy quilt. I am a senior (60+) quilter and have just discovered all these internet resources. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Brenda in Alabama

  19. I just downloaded this podcast and will be listening to it on the long drive to work tomorrow. I was on vacation in Florida last week and saw so many bright color fabrics in a quilt store there and could not figure out what to do with them. After looking at these beautiful and so colorful quilts, I wish I was back there to pick out some of that fabric. I am a new listener Annie, and I LOVE your podcasts. I can’t wait to see you on The Quilt Show. A new loyal fan, Barb

  20. I finally got to listen yesterday. Mom & I were driving & I hooked the ipod up to the car stereo & introduced Mom to Annie’s podcast! We were both so inspired, in fact she started sketching up an idea for a story quilt right then & there! I have a few ideas spinning through my head…. THIS is why I quit my part time job! More quilting time, woohooooo!

  21. I listen to your podcasts every week either while watching my daughters’ gymnastics classes and/or during my quilting time. LOVE them, and can’t wait to listen to your visit with Mary Lou. Her quilts put a smile on your face and really poke at your imagination. She makes story quilts look like soooo much fun, I might have to try one this summer. Happy Day!! Denise

  22. Dear Annie- I am working on a Jacobs ladder quilt as I listen to this podcast. I loved the Tide boxes story….. and especially
    count your blessings…and seeing the blessings in little things WOW!

    Thanks so much.

  23. I loved this interview with Mary Lou. I have always wanted to take her classes…and since listening to this interview…I want to go to one even more. I love her use of color and also doing the boarders first. I will have to try this. My problem is that I can’t afford Empty Spools right now…kid in college. But someday

    thanks for all the podcasts


  24. I love Mary Lou’s style and positive attitude. and I am so glad to have found your podcast.
    yours in quilting

  25. Annie,

    I love that Christmas quilt and the house that Jack Built…I am a big fan of your podcasts…


  26. Thanks again for a wonderful interview. I would just love to come to Asilomar after all the wonderful teachers I’ve gotten to know through your talks with them. I think I will try Mary Lou’s idea of enclosing some thoughts within the layers of the quilt to be found at a later date when the quilt begins to age. I always tell people to use the quilts I give them – don’t hide them away in a closet!! Thanks again from Kathie in Allentown, PA.

  27. This is my first time listening – I come to you from MaryLou’s blog. I really enjoyed your interview. Mary Lou came to our guild a few years ago. With 3 young children, my story quilt is a UFO – for now! Mary Lou is always inspiring me – I see pics on her blog and think “I’d have taken that picture”. Love lots of color (red is my fave color too!)and images that inspire. She is always positive and fun, and she shares a birthday with my oldest daughter. I check her blog every day – and through her have been introduced to you! Thanks again. Melinda in St. Charles IL

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  29. Annie — I enjoyed your visit to Emerald Valley Quilters so much. Your podcast with Mary Lou Wiedman was just as delightful. I so appreciate the upbeat, positive attitude that comes across, along with the fun details you quilting sisters shared.

  30. I enjoyed my coffee this morning listening to Mary Lou’s podcast. I truly enjoyed hearing about her perspective on making quilts. I just love her story quilts and would love to make one of my own. She has so many wonderful ideas and an amazing outlook on life! I, too, had a Canadian (Scottish) grandmother, who taught me to sew as a young girl. It is because of her that I have my love of making things.
    Thank you for inspiring us, Mary Lou.

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