Program #184 — Ode to a Book

Program #184 — Ode to a Book
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It’s here — my book is real…

TUAGcover4webAvailable in the website boutique, and I will personalize it for you!

C&T Publishing  Author Guidelines, if you want more information on submitting a proposal for your own book.

Our very own Boy Wonder, reading his mission call letter:

robinmapHe’s going to the Mexico Cuernavaca mission in January. Doesn’t know a lick of Spanish, but will learn his language by immersion process in 12 weeks at the Mission Training Center.

(What will I do with my free time…? ; )

Recipe: Mom’s Chili Beans

2 medium onions, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, crush and chop

brown onions and garlic in a pan with a tiny bit of olive oil.

1 large can  (1 lb., 13 oz.) of Dennison’s** Chili con Carne
2 large cans (1 lb., 13 oz.) of Dennison’s Chili con Carne, no beans
2 small cans (15. oz)  of Kidney beans, dark
1 small can (15. oz) of kidney beans, pink

Drain and rinse beans.

1/2 c. packed Brown sugar
1 c. catsup
2 T. prepared mustard (like French’s)

Throw everything in the crock pot and stir. Cover and simmer for at least 4 hours. This is a great recipe for a Crock Pot. Don’t let it bubble — or boil, just let it simmer. (My Crock Pot boils everything on Low, so I set it on Low for an hour and turn it down to Warm for the rest of the time.)

**My mom preferred Dennison’s brand over any other because she said that there was less oil in their recipe.

Chili Beans are great with corn bread or over baked potatoes with extra cheese and chopped onions on top. Oh, and don’t forget the sour cream.

Like Alton Brown says, “I said it was good, not necessarily good for you”.

Clare O’Donohue’s new book… EXCELLENT!!


Joanne Fluke’s


and no blog is complete without a recent picture of the “little peanut”, Cambria:

4933431524_e808977522_zThis is my current favorite picture of her, until the next one… Having a dead-pan face is so uncharacteristic of her, she is always smiling all over herself. She is precious — and almost 1 year old — my how time really flies!!!

Here’s my schedule for Quilt Market and Quilt Festival:


10/30 — C&T booth, 12:30 – 3:00

10/31 — Unite Notions booth, 1:30 – 2:30

11/1 — Shades Textiles booth, 9:30 – 11;30

I’ll also be dropping by my book sponsors booths throughout the show: Aurifil, Clover, Lecien, Northcott Fabrics.


11/4 — Quilt Books Unlimited, 11 – 12:30

Threaded Pear/Fresh Picked Fabrics booth, 2 – 3:00

11/5 — Stitch in Time Fashion Show, noon

Quilt Books Unlimited, 4 – 5:30

11/6 — Quilt Books Unlimited, 1 – 2:30

The Quilt Show booth, 3 – 4:00

11/7 — Quilt Books Unlimited, 11 – 12:30

My Greenhouse quilt will be displayed in the Cherrywood Fabrics booth throughout Festival.

Hope to see you there!!! I’m bringing my camera ; )

Also, stay tuned for mini-podcasts from Market and Festival, beginning October 30th and running everyday through November 8th — with prizes!!

Happy Quilting!

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26 thoughts on “Program #184 — Ode to a Book”

  1. Hello Annie,

    I am so excited to see that you have a book out! I have been considering trying my hand at a book so I greatly appreciate all of the great information that you passed on to us in this podcast.

    I hope to catch up with you in Salem.

  2. Yo. listened to your podcast while finishing some baby quilts. really enjoyed your story of how your book came together. congrats. looking forward to the market and festival news. take care. DerV, dublin, ireland.

  3. I hope you have time to sit and rest your tootsies. Have a great trip. I hope you have a lot of success promoting your book and that it gets picked up by a million quilt stores!

  4. Can’t wait until your book arrives Annie – have pre-ordered it through Amazon so won’t have it until mid-Nov. but listening to your enthusiasm – I’m excited too! Congratulations and wishing you much success with your book! (and hopefully any books to come in the future!)

  5. Hi Annie,
    I love your podcasts. I am just learning to applique and your new book sounds AWESOME. Would love to win it, but if I’m not lucky enough I will be buying it.
    Sidebar: My nephew leaves for the Louisville, KY mission in January.
    Looking forward to the next podcast 🙂

  6. Hi Annie,

    So happy for you & your new book & so glad I got to hear all about it on your podcast. It’s so nice of you to offer us listeners a chance to win your book in your giveaway. Yay!! Have a wonderful time at Quilt Market & Festival!

    -debby, Chester NY

  7. I am so glad that you have come out with new podcast this month. It was great listening to your busy life and details about your new book. It sounds really great. I look forward to hearing more of your podcast. God bless your son in Mexico next year.

  8. What a great podcast and I can’t wait to hear the updates from market and festival. Marie Bostwick is such a sweet, sweet person and a fabulous writer. I know you will have fun! I learned back-baste applique about a year ago and it is the only way for me. Love it! I am anxious to read about your favorite technique. Thanks for the recipe also!

  9. Congratulations, Annie, on your book publication! What a wonderful accomplishment. Best wishes at market – I’ll be there in spirit! 🙂

  10. Annie, I just got the book and I love it! I’m doing your West of Baltimore class as my first applique project, so I already know that you are good at explaining and making it easy. But I really love the book for all your suggestions on making up your own designs. Thanks!

  11. Congratulation Annie! I’m so happy for you. The book sounds wonderful and I hope to get mine in Houston – I’ll be attending Festival and hope to get to meet you too. I took your Pickle Rd. Class and Quilter’s Palette of which I’ve gotten so many complements. I so agree with the quote from Clare’s book – it is the best, and yes, I often hear yokes about this!! Clare’s books are next on my list, right now I’m reading Marie Bostwick’s books which I love. Cambria is just adorable – love those glasses!!! Well, best get to bed, DH is calling. I will plan to see you at Festival. Good to have you podcasting again.

  12. Hi Annie
    Can’t wait for my pre ordered books to arrive. One for the guild too. You sound so ecstatic about your book and I send you fond wishes for a fabulous Quilt Market and Festival -right now! Champlain Valley quilt show VT is hung and begins later today. Up early- just too excited to sleep, and what a delight to share my special morning hours with your lovely voice!

  13. Annie,
    I wish I was going to Festival but not this year. Tell Rob at QBU that I said hi. It’s been a couple of years since I have seen him and I miss him.
    Safe travels.

  14. Annie, I can’t wait to get my hands on your book! Appliqué is my passion, and I LOVE technique books with lots of how-to information. Your book sounds right up my alley! Can’t wait to hear updates from Market and Festival – keep us up to date on all the latest and greatest!

  15. Hi Annie,
    Long time fan of your podcasts, online classes and I just ordered the new book from the website.
    I’ve been looking to delve into applique for awhile and I know you are a great teacher from taking your first online class.
    Congrats to you and your husband on its release. You guys really make a great team!
    I had to laugh cause I recently unearthed my crock pot from the attic. It’s great.
    Thanks for sharing your son’s choir music. Beautiful.

  16. Annie,
    Just hearing the joy in your voice when you talk about your book was a treat. The book sounds wonderful! What a gift you are giving the quilt world with this new book! If I don’t win one, I will be ordering one! Congrats on the book and all the family news. Hi to boy wonder!

  17. Your book arrived early yesterday – I love it, especially after taking your Quilter’s Palette, in which I learned so much about applique (something I used to avoid!) and now having all the info. in your book with design elements is wonderful. Am already applying your technique to a couple quilts I’vehad sitting here “undone” for years – no excuses now! Can’t wait to hear your next podcast and everything you did at Quilt Market. Congratulations again Annie on the beautiful book!

  18. Annie, It’s great to have you back. Congratulations on the book – now we know why you have been missing for so long! Wishing you every success with it, both personally and financially.
    BTW have you sent a copy to Mark Lipinski yet? His podcast is geared toward creativity, and by your description, it appears your book really encourages this. He might just give you a plug!

  19. Just got your book yesterday and have been enjoying it so much! You did a fabulous job on the instructions, and the illustrations and quilts are so beautiful! Congratulations to you and your husband. . Also, congratulations to your son on his mission call. Our youngest just got home from his mission in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy the blessings that come with having a missionary son!

  20. Yeah, Annie. Can’t wait to order the book. It’s been so exciting listening to you talk about it. You sound like you’re jumping up and down in your chair. 😉 How wonderful that you and Guy found another way to share in each others lives. Congratulations!!!


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