Podcast #183 – 5th year Anniversary show

Podcast #183 – 5th year Anniversary show

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Here is a podcast that was recorded in April at my Clear Lake retreat. It features the retreat attendees — so you’ll get to know quilters from several different locations.

Before we start, do you remember this picture?

episode_209I hope you do! This picture is from when I was a guest on the second season of “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. Being a guest on this show was a dream come true. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this episode… and guess what? It’s FREE for you to watch through October 31st!! You can also get a 20% discount off of a 6-month membership if you use the gift certificate number 123852808458. A gift courtesy of The Quilt Show!

Things featured in this podcast:
Heart and Home quilt pattern

Quilter’s Junction quilt shop in Centralia, WA

Through the Window pattern by From Me to You

Flights of Imagination, a tesselation quilt by Christine Porter

The URL for Mekongquilts in Cambodia is no longer available on the internet.

Rori Jensen can be found on Facebook.

Shelley Nealon — a fabulous machine quilter in the SF Bay Area, Quilted Bliss.

Shops that we talked about and love:

Teresa’s shop in San Jose, Costa Rica: Jardin Abuela

Stone Mountain and Daughter, Berkeley, CA

Shelley’s Quilted Treasures, Kelseyville, CA

Seam RollerThe Quilter’s Seam Roller, available at Shelley’s

Fabrications and Wine Country Fabrics in Healdsburg, CA

last but not least, the Cook book that Guy was talking about… the retreaters wanted Guy’s recipes (he is just THAT good!) and they talked about doing a cookbook where they would add their recipes. It’s still on the “back burner”.



and here’s Ann’s coat:




Jean and Pat







linda2at both of her activities:






Teresa and the fabulous Graffiti fabric




The Chefs: Guy and Ruth


Annie — and my non-projects… I just bring something for in-between helping the retreaters with their projects.


The whole gang


I’m working on a retreat for 2011 — stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Podcast #183 – 5th year Anniversary show”

  1. Happy to have you back Annie! You’ve always been a favorite podcast of mine.

    -debby, chester NY

  2. I listened to your podcast today and want to watch the program on the Quilt Show, but I can’t find it. Do you know how to access the program? Thanks. After listening to the podcast, I would love to attend one of your retreats!

  3. So glad you’re back on – maybe next year I can make it to your retreat – sounds wonderful!!! 🙂

  4. Ok, so to view Episode #209 of The Quilt Show, click on the underscored “THE QUILT SHOW” that is beneath the picture. It will take you straight to it.

    Sorry! I didn’t have the link set right!!

    When you get to The Quilt Show page, it will have you sign in with your info — THERE IS NO CHARGE to view the show. They just want to know who is watching and where they’re coming from. It’s how they get their viewership statistics — and we all want that ; )


  5. I tried the link and have been a free member to TQS FOR YEARS. BUT the link did not work and I was unable to view the show.

    No screen came up where I could plug in your code.

    I was bummed to say the least.

    Lady Rags

  6. @Lady Rags —

    Stay tuned — they are going to extend the availability to watch the episode. I don’t know whether there will be a new code or not, but I will give updated info on the new podcast.


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