Program 177 — A Visit With Mimi Dietrich

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I had a lot of fun sitting around the kitchen table in Mimi Dietrich’s home and talking about Baltimore quilts, Diary quilts, and other things.

Mimi Right At Home!
Mimi Right At Home!

I got a chance to meet long time listener of the program, Linda Kabota from Thailand. She brought me some really cool goods:


Not long ago, I made chocolate chip cookies from the recipe in the Lizzy B girls latest book, “Whimsyland.” I commented on this blog how I burned my fingers attempting to rescue a hot sheet of cookies coming out of the oven.

Lizzy B girls to the rescue one more time! They sent me a pair of homemade hot pads with a note:


Nobody can have a bad day when you get a care package like the one I did from Aurifil threads! These spools are fantastic!

Don’t forget to check out my online quilt classes HERE. Here’s a picture of student, Pat Leask, in her work area – watching the online videos and working on her project! She looks right at home. Pat, why aren’t you in your JAMMIES?!

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7 thoughts on “Program 177 — A Visit With Mimi Dietrich”

  1. What’s good about online classes is doing it on your own time. Also, your whole stash and all your supplies are always available. You don’t have to bring them with you!

    Can’t think of any particular class to suggest just that I’m interested in something for advanced quilters. Also, it should be just a few lessons, like maybe four or five. And, maybe to have two weeks in between lesson instead of one.

    Can’t wait to see the lineup for 2010!

  2. I have been listening to your Podcasts for years on Itunes and never realized what I had been missing until today when I listened to it on the site! You need to tell your listeners what they miss and that they need to go to your website to the podcast section to see everything. I am in your class right now and never thought to go look at your Podcast section since I get it on ITunes automatically until I wanted to write a comment, and this isn’t even my comment, this is just after I saw what I’ve been missing. Now I can’t remember my comment, I’m too flabbergasted to think! Well, I loved the new Podcast!!! Great reminder about the book I forgot to look at and your new classes sound wonderful.

  3. For anyone who is unsure of taking an online class, do what I encouraged my 8th graders to do–“stretch and do something that is new, different, or looks daunting” and “learn one new thing/skill/idea/method everyday.” Their day was a success if they could write in their journals about “one new thing,” what a prize when it was more than one.

    I know that I don’t have all the skills for Pickle Road, that is exactly why I am going to try. I don’t care if I have to take it twice, but I am lucky that I have the time to do just that if needed. I have to be willing to do what I encourage others to do.

  4. Annie, I’m so glad we were finally able to meet. I think I found you at the end of 2005 because I downloaded all the old podcasts to listen to while I was in Honolulu for an extended period. Glad you like the goodies. Silk scarves, the bags & other stuff will be appearing at soon.
    Susan, I agree that we all need to take classes to stretch. We were lucky to have Pam Holland do 2 days of workshops in Bangkok…I learned fusible applique that is machine quilted & embellished with pigment markers that really add depth.

  5. OH ANNIE!

    I’m so jealous! Hot pads from Lizzie B and those Aurifil threads! I’d just want to stare at the pretty colors all day. 🙂 I hope your fingers are all better.

  6. Thanks for the Mimi interview! I have her first edition Happy Endings book and love it. I have kept it all these years, even when I had given up quilting to work full time and tend to our kids. I highly recommend it!

    When you start your live podcasts (or vidcasts), would you do an episode on thread? I don’t know anything about thread other than what I can pick up at Joann’s. I have questions such as why should I care about 50 wt and why should I care about the difference between cotton-wrapped polyester and other threads. Looking forward to the answers!

  7. GmaTerri, while you’re waiting for Annie’s podcast on thread, go to the superior threads site…they’ve even started a school about threads.

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