Program 170 – Diana McClun and Laura Nownes

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I have been a fan of Laura and Diana ever since I first saw the book “Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!” in the quilt shop where I took the class on how to make the sampler quilt of techniques. Diana has been one of most profound driving forces in the Quilt industry – especially with the creation of Empty Spools Seminars.

I know that you’ll really enjoy this interview with these two fantastically creative and talented ladies.


Don’t forget to stop by their website, Diana and Laura to see what’s new with them, their books, patterns and how-to video.

One thing I forgot to mention in the podcast, there is a DVD available for one lucky listener. Make a comment here if you have been quilting for less than one year -or- if there is someone who you would love to mentor and teach beginning quiltmaking, and the lucky winner will have Diana and Laura’s help via their DVD. I will choose the winner on June 15th!

17 thoughts on “Program 170 – Diana McClun and Laura Nownes”

  1. Hi Annie
    I am teaching my daughter-in-law, Ashley, how to quilt. She is ready to bind her very first quilt-a baby quilt for her best friend. It’s been a fun time for the two of us to spend together and I’m hoping it will be just one of many quilting projects we get to do together.
    Love your pod casts and look forward to each and every one. Thank you for ALL the work you put in to keep us quilters happy.
    Karen Pesciallo

  2. I so enjoyed the podcast with Laura and Diana. You have kept me company this weekend as I quilted — everyone else was away. Thanks for the interesting information and inspiration. With each podcast I have a new adventure I would like to add to my “to do” list.

  3. Forgot to mention in my comment that my sisters and I have been hosting exchange students from Japan for the school year for the past few years. Each year we have been able to teach our new student to make a quilt. It is so exciting. One of the girl’s mother was a master quilter in Japan but she had never had any interest in what her mother was doing. By making a quilt here in Canada I think she gained a new appreciation for her mother’s talent and also had something exciting to show her mother when she got home. I hope we can keep on teaching our exchange students how to make a quilt.

  4. i would love this book to help me teach my daughter to quilt. she is 25 and recently moved
    closer to home (much closer than Hawaii!! where
    she lived for18 months)

  5. I would love to get the DVD for my daughter, who is starting to quilt at the age of 15. She loves to play with fabric and have made a few things in the past with me, but it would be great if she had “formal” training. Thanks again Annie for another wonderful podcast and I love Diana and Laura. I have all their books and use it as my quilting bible.

  6. I would love to win the DVD. I have been so excited to teach my ten year old niece to quilt. This DVD would be a great help in this endeavor.
    Thanks Annie for another great podcast.

  7. enjoyed the interview very much! I am teaching my youngest daughter to sew & beginning to quilt. She will be 13 this summer & is getting her own sewing machine for her birthday! In fact, she laid on the floor of my sewing room & listened to the podcast with me….

  8. Diana & Laura are such quilting icons….what a fantastic interview!
    Enjoyed hearing about how they got started in the quilting industry, to the books they’ve written together, to the TV shows they’ve done. I never even knew about the PBS series with Penny McMorris. Truly inspirational!
    With summer right around the corner, this would be a great time to teach my two daughters (15 & 11) how to quilt…. the DVD would be such a great teaching aide for them, Thanks!

  9. Annie, I would love to win the DVD. I am just learning to quilt and I would love to make a quilt for my first child (due on January 1st!)

  10. Loved the interview, as always. I’ve already worked with two of my granddaughters to introduce them to quilting, and I have one more to go. This CD would probably do a wonderful job of filling in the gaps in my instruction.
    Kathie from Allentown, PA

  11. I would love to teach my grandaughters more about quilting. One of them, Danielle, has her own stash kept in my sewing room. We have been collecting fat quarters for her over the years – mostly during vacations. Great memories!

  12. Annie – I get so disappointed when the podcast ends, because I just love, love, love it, and then I have to wait for the next one. Thank you for your love of quilting. My Granddaughter is only 6, but I am starting to teach her the love of all fibers!

  13. Annie – I am the very proud grandma of 5 little girls. Only half of my six children are married so I expect that number to rise over the next several years. My oldest grandaughter, Katie, is almost six and itching to get started quilting. I’m looking forward to many hours of stitching and giggling with my girls. That’s one way to get some quiltin’ buddies!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the DVD. By the way, love your podcast!!

  14. Annie,

    Thankyou for your podcasts. They are giving me new motivation to walk to work every day. I get fit and I get to think about quilting each morning before work.
    I’ve been quilting for more than a year, so I have the basics, but there are things I do want to improve, borders and binding for example. And one day I would like to start teaching quilt classes. I just have to work out how to get started.

    Thanks for the podcasts Annie, I really enjoy the interviews.

  15. I love your podcasts! I missed you in Lancaster…I was visiting from Michigan while you were there and didn’t know it.

    I want to help my daughter to learn to quilt but she lives in New Mexico at an AFB and I’m in Michigan…we have been doing some things via email, skype video and phone….I think the Qilts, Quilts,Quilts book will be helfpful.

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