Program #83 – Tales From Susan

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In this show I talk with my sister, Susan, about quilting and her fabric shopping experiences in Oregon. Susan is new to the state and has lots of new adventures to report.

Here is a picture of me with my big Sis and little Sis. Susan is in the middle, I am on your left, and our sister, Judie, is on your right. This is the infamous chair where Susan sat on a pair of scissors, aided by Judie and me. The scissors were pointy — ouch!

Upcoming dates for Quilting events in Oregon:
Portland, June
Rose Festival, 1st-10th
Northwest Quilters Annual Show, 1st-3rd
Medford area and Grants Pass, July
Jacksonville Quilt Show, 12th-17th
SOCA Corvette Weekend, 13th-15th
Sisters, July 14th
The Outdoor Quilt Show (one day only, so don’t go on Sunday!)
Coburg, July 28th
Quilt Show and High Tea

All of the shops that Susan talked about can be found by accessing this comprehensive list:
Here is a List all of the Quilt Shops in Oregon

5 thoughts on “Program #83 – Tales From Susan”

  1. Annie,
    I always enjoy your podcasts but this one was especially wonderful since you were talking to your sister
    Sue! I also have a sister who quilts some but mostly knits and it was very touching to hear you
    guys connect on so many “sister levels”.
    I was very happy to hear about the shops in Oregon since my husband and I just bought a lot in
    Springfield, OR (we are taking a trip there next week) and hope to build on the lot next year. I have been to some of the quilt shops Sue talked about and can’t wait to move to Oregon-it’s beautiful!! We even looked for a house or property in Cottage Grove; it’s a wonderful, friendly town! I hope I get to meet your sister at some point. I also hope to go with my sister to one of your retreats in Cambria! I know it will work out for us eventually. Hope you get to Cottage Grove soon! And put me in the hat for the book Sue is giving away!
    Thanks, Emily,

  2. Hello Annie,
    I enjoyed this podcast so very much! I am very close to my older sister, too, and completely understand your emotions during the pc. Visited Oregon in 1989 and it was my favorite trip ever. We went to Cannon Beach for a weekend and drove through Portland. Often I think I would like to live there but guess I will be here in the Tennessee Valley forever.

    We have two fantastic quilt shops in the Chattanooga, TN area that I would love to tell you about sometime…just not this next week as I am working with the National Cornbread Festival here in South Pittsburg (no “h”), Tennessee. The quilt exhibits “Women of Biblical Proportion” and “Men of Biblical Proportion” can be seen here during the festival, Saturday and Sunday, April 28 & 29.

    Link for the quilts:
    Link for the festival:

    Our local quilt guild is Stitchin’ Sisters. We have a great time and have formed strong bonds through quilting.

    Much love to you and Susan,


  3. Really enjoyed this show with your sister Sue. I am blessed with two sisters, one who knits and one who knits and quilts, so I could really relate (if you’ll pardon the pun!) to your podcast. It was a beautiful warm (finally!!) weekend here in Ontario and I sat outside finishing off the binding for a quilt that my “quilty” sister and I had pieced for the knitty sister. I was so pleased to have you keep me company. I must admit to feeling a little jealous about all the west coast shopping. I live in a very small town about two hours from a really good shop……….but that means I get to really shop once I get there. I may need that cool gadget.

    Keep up the wonderful podcasts. We are all listening, even if we don’t always comment. Thanks for keeping us in stitches. Patti

  4. Annie,
    I loved the podcast with your sister. As a frequent visitor to Oregon to spend time with my daughter, I will certainly print off the quilt shops. Could you please tell me the name of the book Susan was talking about? It sounds like a must read.

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