Program 81 – Getting In Touch With My Masculine Side

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I am such a girl! Over the past few days I’ve been trying to take a new perspective with my craft and think more like a man. I think this time, I over-did it.

Join me as I talk about how to entertain the men – and other family members in my life while I do the things I love to do the best: quilt and shop for fabric.

Harley Davidson of Santa Cruz is right across the street from Hart’s Fabrics. How cool is that?!
Be sure to check out Hart’s selection of fun, unique cottons for your next project: Anime Fabric

***The photo of Annie in Harley-branded leather chaps has been withheld by request. DANG!***

Golf is a nice trade-off to offer your non-shopping traveling companion while you visit Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove, CA. While I shop,my family loves to take a ride along the Monterey Bay coastline in a peddle-yourself surrey or bicycle.

Lunch or dinner is always a treat at Peppers Mexicali Caf

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