Program 70 – Hanging With The Prints Charming Sheilas From Downunder

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What a FABULOUS day and opportunity to spend the day with these two super-talented fabric designers! I heard about them from Gina’s Market reports and she mentioned that they were coming up to San Francisco to see the “Quilts of Gee’s Bend” exhibit. I thought, “…well… hmmm, if they’re from Australia, they probably don’t know their way around the City… I wonder if they would like a tour guide?” So I called Kirsten (pronounced kerr-stin, the English pronunciation) and they thought it was a great idea.
I picked Kirsten, Cath and Cath’s mum, Margaret, at their hotel and our first stop was straight-away to

the Pork Store Cafe for:

fluffy Banana Pecan pancakes (oh, my word!!!! They were GOOD) in

the heart of Haight-Ashbury. They have fun and funky stores in the Haight and two fabric stores that we enjoyed shopping at Discount fabrics and Mendel’s Far-out Fabrics, a San Francisco staple.

A memorable moment for Kirsten and Cath, under the infamous legs.

Kirsten and Cath had a lucky find in Mendels — Bark cloth, which they’ve been looking for for ages. The price per yard was a real deal, as fabrics are wicked-expensive in Australia.
The highlight of the day was definitely the Gee’s Bend exhibit.

Check out Kirsten’s vest and scarf, and Cath’s scarf and handbag. It just shows how you can use quilting fabrics for more than quilts. Although lighter weight than traditional garment fabrics, quilting cottons make beautiful clothing. We’re going to see more clothes from these clever gals, too! Actually, Kirsten and Cath made all of the clothes that they wore at Market, and I think their fabric line is great for skirts, capris and fun tops as well as quilts. I’m definitely going to be making some cool additions to my wardrobe with their fabrics too.

The Gee’ Bend exhibit has been extended, due to popular demand, until December 31st. Do not miss this show! We were all so inspired by the stories of these incredible ladies that we were moved to tears. Their quilts were simple, yet told a powerful story of the fortitude of these ladies who lived in poverty but are rich with the best things. I will never forget the lessons learned while enjoying the beatiful Gee’s Bend quilts. I ran across a quote in a publication while I was there and I had to buy it so I could get the quote right — it just tickled me:

“I really don’t like to sit down and do all that measuring. It just takes the heart out of things.” !!

How often do we labor over our shapes and measure, measure, measure to find that we have once again cut the piece wrong and now nothing fits? When I read that quote, I laughed outloud in the museum! I have to remember to take myself just a little less seriously.

The back lawn area of the DeYoung has these delightful apple sculptures, and what a beautiful autumn day it was in the City that day.
At the end of our trip to the deYoung, we stopped on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights to have tea and catch the interview for this program.

I just loved getting to know Kirsten, Cath and Margaret. It was a perfect day spent with lovely ladies who shared quilting. I can’t wait to be able to buy their new fabrics and make a beautiful quilt to wrap myself in, and remember the day spent with my new friends.

Keep an eye out for Prints Charming, coming soon to your local quilt shop!

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  1. Loved the interview with the Prints Charming girls! I want some pancakes too. Heading up your way to see Gees Bend soon. I will keep in touch!

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