Public Service Announcement #528

Quilters — not everything you see on Pinterest or a blogpost is a good idea. I just found this on Pinterest:

Do Not EVER EVER EVER use a metal ruler with your rotary cutter — ever. Your rotary cuttter will jump that metal edge quicker than anything, and you can get seriously hurt.

You can acheive the same thing they are referring to by using a large square acrylic ruler. You can use a Carpenter’s square, or right angle ruler, for measuring ONLY — never cutting. It’s called a Carpenter’s square because they use it with WOOD.

that is all.



I’ve been around awhile…

Hey y’all! It’s Friday and time for a blogpost, like I promised.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about technology and how it’s changed the way we quilt, for a new lecture series. We really have come a long, long way in the last twenty years with quilting, haven’t we? Twenty years ago, there was no such thing as:

• “Approved” machine quilting. We were still hand-basting quilts and hand quilting them, because it was taboo for quilters to enter a machine quilted quilt into a quilt competition. Thank you, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry for breaking the mold for us!

• iPods, iPads, or iPhones. There was no such thing as a podcast, blog, online fabric stores — you name it.

• The Statler stitcher hadn’t been invented yet. Any machine quilting was done on a domestic machine, or free motion on a longarm.

And that’s just to name a FEW.

WebGuy and I have been working on a new website and updating this dusty old one. In moving over to a new website, I have to take so many things into consideration that I may or may not be able to take with me over to the new website. The one thing I need to consider is that I will have an all-new Archive area. I will lose the one that is currently on this website, and all of the links to when I first began — in 2004.

My first blogpost was published on August 8th, 2004. My youngest son was 13 and I had no grandchildren then. My mom was still alive and I had accomplished not one of the things that I have done in the last ten years. She didn’t get to see one of my accomplishments — being a guest on Alex and Ricky’s The Quilt Show, publishing a book with C&T, any of it. Ah, well.

I was just thinking — you may not know how long I’ve been around either. So, I’m sharing the links to the Archives here. There’s a list for ya.

In my very first blogpost, I talked about blogging and shared a photo of a hand appliquéd quilt that I made. Two years ago, I gave that quilt to my granddaughter, Lucy.

(The girls asked me for heart quilts, “just like the one you made for mommy” for their birthdays, which are two days apart. How could I say no?)

So, the next time you’re surfing the web (is that an old term already?), check out my first B.P.* blogs (*before podcast). I also wrote a blogpost in August 2004 about the significance of the 54/40 or Fight block.

Yep, this is the 54/40 or Fight block.

Check it out!

P. S. I updated the information in the previous post that has Podcast #231 in it. If you scroll to the bottom the link for April Cornell and some news about her can be found there.

Until next time — Happy Quilting!

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Podcast 231 – Getting Organized Day

Podcast 231 — Getting Organized Day

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Running time: 00:42:24 Size: 20.4 MB

I hope you enjoy the interview I did with Carolyn Woods of Totally Tidy Household Organizing and Robin and Diana from Tater Patch Quilts.

Here is the book, Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter, C&T Publishing –

You may already have it in your quilting book library. I did! I’m so happy because now I can use it to really get organized this summer. I’m looking forward to going through my stash once again, to cull out things that I no longer want so I have room for new things.

Please leave a comment here. I’m going to start doing giveaways again and you’ll want to get into practice leaving a comment here ; )

Also, I’m going to do podcasts on a regular basis again — this is my commitment to you. They’ll come out on Wednesdays. I’m also going to do regular blog posts, which will be available on Fridays. Along with regular Facebook posts (follow me at Annie Smith’s Quilting Stash fan page) and Instgrams — anniesmithqs.

And here’s the link to April Cornell. WELL GUESS WHAT??!! April is designing fabric for Free Spirit!! How did I miss that?! Here’s a link to her most current line with them: Free Spirit Designers

Hope to hear from you soon — and Happy Quilting!

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Today is Get Organized day

Stay tuned!

Going to Quilt Market

I’m going to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City in a couple of weeks and will report back on what I find there that’s new and exciting. What you would like to know about? Tell me — and I’ll post pictures and do some short interviews to get all the news from Market.

Leave a comment below, or send me an email at NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:

it’s baaaack… Mendocino

I’m a regular InstaGrammer. (find me there at anniesmithqs)

This morning, one of my favorite quilt shops in L.A., Sew Modern posted this lovely picture:

Heather Ross‘s Mendocino fabric line.

One of the coolest collections of fabric ever — and it sold out like crazy. It’s very rare for a collection to ever be reprinted, but it is becoming a wonderful thing. Each of the manufacturers is trotting out an old collection — slowly, very slowly — to reprint. Five years ago, three years ago, this never would have happened. But, I think the manufacturers have gotten the idea that it’s a good idea. A great idea even.

So — seven years ago, I was in Maryland teaching (if you remember) and got the news that we were going to be gifted with our first grandchild. A little girl. Her mommy did not want anything pink. I found the Mendocino collection on my trip and made this quilt for the little girl who would be Cambria:

here’s a closeup:

I love the mermaids and the seahorses, and everything about this gorgeous fabric. I’m so glad that it’s back in print. Maybe I’ll make a quilt for myself out of it…

 Heather has a class on CreativeBug. Check out her website by clicking on her name, just below the pic of the Mendocino collection. I really love the colors of the collection. I would have gone for the deep pink and chocolate, but since Karen didn’t want any pink, I demurred to her request. I went with the orange — and I think that started to trend — no, obsession — that I have with orange.

P. S. Cambria’s favorite color is Pink ; )

 Happy Quilting!

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Podcast 230 — Demystifying Quilting Terms

Podcast 230 — Demystifying Quilting Terms

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Pinch me!

 Filming for iquilt was pretty surreal. ; )

At the White Chocolate Grill in Denver with Terri Thayer and Mary Kay Davis.

1. What is a Basic Sewing Kit? If you’ve seen this on a supply list for class you are taking, here is the straight story of what you should have in your kit.


I found my bag at a Beauty Supply store.

Roly-poly bag

Open bag measures 18 1/2″ x 11″. Each of the compartments is 4″ wide.

Marking tools

Hand sewing tools

3rd compartment, along with shears and magnetic pin bed. I prefer the Grabbit over the Zirkel, but I’m trying to get used to it.

All of the things I need for a sewing machine, including presser feet and bobbins for different sewing machines. If you need information about threads, listen to podcast 227.

My granddad’s shoe polishing kit. It’s so cool — it still smells like shoe polish, after all these years.

Rollie Pollie Sewing Organizer

2. “Quilt as Desired”. Every quilt is different. I explain why the pattern designer doesn’t tell you how to quilt the quilt you’re making. For some really great machine quilting classes, check out the teachers and classes offered at If you buy a class by 3/17/16, you can use the coupon code IQ1995 and get classes for $19.95.

3. Focus Fabric. What it is and what it’s not.

A beautiful print that has the colors in it that you want to use as your color palette for your quilt. Like this:

or like this:

It is not this:

 this is a solid fabric.

nor this:

This is a monochromatic (one color) print, which is a supporting fabric.

4. 1/4″ seam allowance — exact or consistent?

What Quilting Terms would you like to have demystified? Let me know by commenting below.

If you send me an email, and it bounces back to you, asking you to click on the phrase below — please do it, or I won’t get your email!

Will you be at Paducah in April or in Syracuse in July for the American Quilter’s Society shows? Let me know! I’ll be doing demos in the AQS booth at both shows. I’d love to meet you!

Happy Quilting!

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Podcast 229 – Thoughts On Quilt Con, Modern Quilting, and “The Bedspread Set”

Podcast 229 — Thoughts On Quilt Con, Modern Quilting, and “The Bedspread Set”
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Hi Quilters –

Yes — there is an all new podcast! I’m still traveling and my silly ipad won’t let me post pictures. So, when I get home, I will add all of the pictures and links that I referred to in the ‘cast.
In the meantime, enjoy the podcast.


Here’s what I promised you:

The link to Cheryl Arkison’s Blog post on her QuiltCon judging experience.

The quilts that I liked the best at QuiltCon. If the photo doesn’t have a ribbon in it, they didn’t get a ribbon — which the majority of these quilts I’m showing you, did not. I think they’re amazing, and inspiring. I wish I had the maker’s names and the quilt’s title, but I didn’t catch those.

My badges collected. Score!

My dear friend, Lizzy House, who will be married in June. Congrats, Lizzy!

Love the bees.

This is probably my favorite quilt of the whole show. Look at the picture below and you’ll find out why.

Each of the dots was painted, dividing the dots – and then hand-stitched with chunky thread to separate them further. This is so expressive, so arty. I just love it!

I love grayscale quilts — so profoundly stating VALUE.

Okay — this is the ultimate “modern” Modern quilt. The designs remind me so much of the 60′s Beatnik era, and I.G.Y. (the International Geophysical Year). I love this one too.

I also love the design of this quilt. Clean, sharp, simple.

And this one — so similar to the one above.

I love the translucence of this quilt – the barely there design of the circle that flows out from the center circle. So cool.

And finally, Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s “Mr. Swirly Bones”, which won a Judge’s choice award, and the Viewer’s Choice award. Victoria won the Best of Show at the very first QuiltCon.

©2016   Annie Smith   All Rights Reserved

Podcast 228 — QuiltCon and a visit with Christa Watson

Podcast 228 — QuiltCon West and an Interview with Christa Watson
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My pal, Holly and I went to Pasadena this last week to check out QuiltCon West. I mean, how exciting is it to have QuiltCon be, basically, in your backyard?!
and as usual, we did have fun!
We met Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilting Co.
and, of course, I met up with my friend, Christa Watson — ChristaQuilts:
for a nice interview. We got to talk about how she started as a modern quilter, got into teaching and book writing:
created a company The Precut Store, and the little bit of controversy surrounding the Best of Show quilt at QuiltCon.
Here’s Melissa Averinos‘ quilt “My Brother’s Jeans”:
and close-ups of what we discussed:
and here’s the statement for the background of the quilt:
“The denim in this quilt is from my brother Michael’s work jeans, which I rescued from the dumpster after his suicide in 2009. I improvisationally pieced the crosses, which resemble a variation on the traditional nine patch. The pale ground includes subtle gold and white crosses. Grid quilting creates echoes of the cross motif, as well as references my brother’s work as a tile installer. I tucked vintage gold ribbon behind some of the tears in the denim. This quilt was a joy to work on, as I love worn materials and find beauty in forgotten and discarded things.”
If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, please do so — I will explain in the podcast about the evocative nature of the quilt.
Congratulations to Melissa and all of the winners at QuiltCon. (Click on this link to see a list and pictures of all of the winning quilts.) All of the quilts were amazing. Here’s a pic of my favorite from the show:
Mickey Beebe, a friend from Santa Cruz made this beautiful quilt, immortalizing the Eichler Home neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area. The quilt won First Place in the Use of Triangles challenge. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
My trip to QuiltCon came exactly three days after returning home from a trip to Louisiana to help my daughter, Kirsten, with the birth and events of baby #2. I spent 4 weeks at her home, being the designated playmate of my grandson, Seth, and being “chief cook and bottle washer” — a job I love. Here’s a pic of Mom with baby:
 and then, Miss Brooklyn Emery:
I saw a quilt at QuiltCon that reminded me of poor Kirsten, trying to juggle a toddler, and newborn and a severe lack of sleep:
And I sent her a pic of it, with the message: “No Sleep since…”
I’ll share more about my impressions of QuiltCon in a upcoming podcast.
Until next time, Happy Quilting!
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Prayers for my friend

Hi Quilters –

Please remember our friend Mark Lipinski in your prayers. He’s been in the hospital for an extended stay and is in need of kind thoughts and prayers sent his way.

He is my friend. He was so kind to call me when I first started my podcast and feature me in an article called “The Podcast Queens” in the first issue of Quilters Home magazine. He has been my friend ever since, and is a friend to many, many quilters.

Just in case you haven’t heard it for a while, here’s the link to my first podcast interview with Mark, when we met at Spring Quilt Market in 2006.